Over the last several years, thousands of organizations have successfully processed millions of transactions through the Chargent Payments for Salesforce solution. Ask our customers, and they will agree – our features have made their payment processes more manageable, safer, more flexible, and more convenient. But Chargent’s developers are always looking for ways to improve the software and give our customers the tools they need to achieve their payment goals.

Today, Chargent is better than ever. This week, we are announcing the launch of Chargent 6.0 – and if you thought our product was effective before, just wait until you hear about the features we’ve added!

Enhanced Payment Request Features

Payment Request is one of our most popular features. It allows organizations to deliver a link for online payment directly to their customers through Salesforce email templates, emails, text messages, messengers, or any other media with clickable links. Your customers click a link and securely pay online, with everything (including a secure token for any future payments) updating right into Salesforce.

In our Chargent 6.0 release, we rebuilt Payment Request from the ground up. With a new setup process, you can now install it completely in less than five minutes. Best of all, customizing your Payment Request page no longer requires code or a developer’s help – you can add your logo and contact information, even customize payment messaging, just with clicks instead of code.

An Easier Way to “Take Payments”

Chargent’s Take Payments component for Salesforce Communities will allow you to quickly payment-enable your Salesforce Community.

Salesforce users are leveraging communities more often each year, but many find that configuring those pages to accept payments requires expensive and time-consuming developer effort. Chargent’s Take Payments component solves this issue immediately.

Take Payments enables you to configure payments and recurring billing on any Communities page and allows your visitors to make quick and easy payments from a credit card or bank account. No coding is needed to set it up, it is quick to install and configure, and it is compact enough to fit into most page layouts.

Automate Payment Collections

Chargent’s new Automated Collections add-on module will significantly improve and automate your accounts receivable processes – saving you both time and money.

Any business collecting subscription, recurring, or installment payments will deal with missed and late payments at some point – and the inability to obtain those payments can have catastrophic consequences. Tracking down customers to solve their late payment issues requires substantial effort from your staff. But Automated Collections does most of the work for you.

Automated Collections will retry your customer’s payment on a defined schedule of your choice. If the funds are still not available or the transaction is declined for another reason, the system can automatically send an email to the customer, giving them options to resolve their payment status.

How useful is the Automated Collections add-on? Our customers tell us that their dunning (collections) processes have significantly improved and that they are now spending less time chasing down missed payments and more time working on other vital tasks.

Minimize Your Salesforce Storage Fees

Recently, we realized that some of our customers were paying tens of thousands of dollars per year on additional Salesforce data storage. After looking into this issue, we learned that they were processing millions of transactions each month, which resulted in heavy record creation volume.

We’ve created a highly effective and cost-saving solution to this problem – Zero Footprint Tokenization. Inspired by the Headless software initiatives, we built a way for Chargent customers to process payments in a similar low-footprint manner. Using tokenization, Chargent now allows you to process high volumes of payment data with minimum record creation.

Zero Footprint Tokenization is a unique and effective developer tool that you can use anywhere in your Salesforce Org.

Upgrade Your Payment System With Chargent 6.0

At Chargent, we are committed to providing the features you need to maximize your payment system and collect payments effortlessly, including recurring payments, and payment gateways. Our team is continuously developing new ways to make your processes more efficient – even if your business model is outside the norm.

Existing Chargent customers can update their Chargent setup at no additional cost. Just use our Package Installation Manager (PIM) to update in Sandbox for testing, then update your Production Salesforce org.

Not yet using Chargent? Are you ready to bring your Salesforce payment processes to the next level? We want to help – download our Chargent 6.0 free 30-day trial or contact us to learn more about our payment solutions!