Collect more money with less effort.

Easily automate and improve your payment collections process, so you can collect late payments before they become lost revenue.

  • Automate dunning emails and payment retries.
  • Eliminate manual work and focus on strategic tasks.
  • Build stronger relationships with customers.

Improve your organization’s financial health

Failed payments can add up quickly to high accounts receivable, lost revenue, and customer churn.

Automated Collections captures payments that fail due to simple errors like expired credit cards or address changes, reducing involuntary churn and making it easy for your customers to continue receiving the services they value. Minimize failed payments and improve your customers’ experience, while collecting more cash for your business.

Automated Collections dashboard screenshot

Automated Technology Drives AR Benefits

Infographic: faster processing speed, improved team efficiency, better customer service, DSO improvement, collections improvement

A no code solution that fits your existing business processes, providing opportunity for optimizations via actionable analytics.

Accounts Receivable Checklist

Prevent payment failures from turning into missed revenue and involuntary churn. Download our checklist to learn 10 ways to improve collections with Salesforce.

Checklist: 10 Ways to Improve Payment Collections in Salesforce