Providing a seamless and secure payment process is a key piece of delivering an exceptional customer experience. After all, depending on your industry, increasing customer retention by just 5% can drive as much as a 25% increase in profit

A Salesforce customer community serves as a central hub for collaboration and engagement. Integrating payment capabilities into these communities allows customers to make purchases, renew subscriptions, or manage their accounts in a familiar, branded environment. This self-service experience enables seamless interactions that save employees and customers time and instill confidence, ultimately increasing the customer’s lifetime value.

In this post, we’ll explore ways that organizations are using Chargent to simplify payment processes within Salesforce Communities. From government agencies to insurance firms, nonprofits, and manufacturing companies, these customer use cases are wide-ranging but have one thing in common – positive, impactful results on their customer relationships and bottom line. 

Watch this video, or continue reading, for inspiration on what you could accomplish by adding payments to your Salesforce customer community.


No matter what they make, manufacturers have one thing in common – they need to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase their products. Chargent customers leverage partner communities to take payment for everything from consumable supplies to co-marketing materials for channel partners. Some are even enabling a subscription model for their business. 

With Salesforce Communities, manufacturers can create a single collaborative ecosystem that helps them reach their customers and partners, strengthening those relationships and improving the bottom line.


With a laser focus on customer satisfaction, businesses in the hospitality sector cannot afford to get payments wrong. In the hospitality industry, Chargent customers often take advantage of Salesforce Communities to collect annual payments, for example, timeshare owner dues. Offering a simple, seamless payment experience is an essential part of making every customer touchpoint a positive one – after all, no one wants to begin or end their vacation by troubleshooting payment issues.

State and Municipal Governments

Chargent often plays a crucial role in the licensing, permitting, and inspections (LPI) process for state and municipal government customers. Using Salesforce Communities, they can simplify and centralize processes like health inspections and issuing permits – including one state government agency that has streamlined the permitting process for opening a car wash.

It’s true – you need a permit for that!


From setting up autopay systems for vehicle insurance, to streamlining payments for other insured assets, Salesforce Communities empower insurance firms to effortlessly collect premiums from their community members. Using Chargent to bring together Salesforce data and payment data, insurers can improve the customer experience, and ultimately increase customer retention rates and profitability.

Nonprofit Organizations

In the nonprofit world, sustaining donors are the lifeblood of any organization. When every dollar matters, that predictable revenue stream is essential. Chargent enables nonprofit organizations to create seamless donation portals within Salesforce Communities –  making it easy for their strongest supporters to contribute to the causes they care about most.

Membership Associations

One key benefit of integrating payment capabilities in Salesforce Communities is streamlining backend operations. With Chargent, membership associations can automate dues collection: configuring payforms to securely capture payment data, and establishing recurring payments to continue taking payments on an ongoing basis. For these member-supported organizations, automating payment processes helps drive efficiency, minimize errors, and boost member retention through seamless and satisfying interactions. 

SaaS & Technology

As a SaaS company, we understand the importance of providing secure, self-service payment portals within online communities. We love to sip our own champagne, and giving customers the ability to pay conveniently and securely is our favorite vintage.

Chargent’s integration with Salesforce Communities opens a world of possibilities for organizations across a range of industries. By simplifying payment processes, enhancing customer experiences, and streamlining operations, our customers are transforming how they manage payments within their customer communities.

How can you tap into the power of a Salesforce customer community? Get in touch today and let’s explore the possibilities.