AppFrontier, makers of Chargent, is a committed member of Pledge 1%, the pioneering philanthropy initiative led by Marc Benioff, Chair & Co-CEO of Salesforce. We are proud to pledge 1% of our product in the form of discounted software for nonprofit organizations,and 1% of our employee time for serving their community.

A History of Giving

In the beginning of Chargent way back in 2008, we started out giving Chargent to around 50 nonprofit organizations for free. That proved a difficult challenge for a 2 person company in those early days – providing top-notch support has always been a requirement for us when it comes to payments and donations. Oops! So we soon moved to a discounted licensing model.

Since then, we have offered Chargent at a significant discount to the nonprofit sector – giving away nearly 5% of our product over the next decade. We’re dedicated to making donations seamless for nonprofits using Salesforce, who now represent 25% of our customers.

Pledge 1%

In 2021, we officially joined the Pledge 1% movement. To learn more or to take the pledge, please visit

As we grow as an organization, the Chargent team will continue to look for new ways to get involved, helping nonprofits with technology and enabling fundraising improvements like sustaining memberships.

And while we’re excited about our giving as an organization, our company is made up of people serving their individual communities across Michigan, in Las Vegas, and San Francisco. We’re always looking for opportunities for individual employee and group volunteer efforts.

We’d love to hear your ideas on new ways we can give back – please reach out!

Pledge 1 Percent - Proud Member