Chargent and Salesforce Elevate: A Guide for Nonprofits

From social media to peer-to-peer fundraising, technology has made it easier than ever for nonprofit organizations to connect with donors – and for them to respond in kind! Without a doubt, digital tools are an essential part of your fundraising strategies. But tapping into the full potential of payments technology can bring with it a set of challenges unique to NPOs.

Building lasting relationships with your best champions is mission-critical – in a very literal sense. And from Zoomers to Boomers, that means meeting your supporters where they are. Like all consumers, your donors want to engage with you through their preferred channels. And when it’s time to make a contribution, they want to use the payment method they prefer. That might involve mailing an annual check, replying to text messaging, or most commonly, clicking a link and making an online donation.

As a result of this growing demand for digital payment options, nonprofit organizations are exploring new ways of attracting, servicing, and retaining donors. Powerful CRM technology from Salesforce gives you the tools to build meaningful, sustaining relationships with your biggest supporters. But how do you tap into those relationships to drive repeat giving?

By making donations simple.

That means that payment tools must be easy for your own Salesforce users to set up and manage, and enjoyable for your donors to engage with.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

In 2020, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Elevate, a payment processing tool specifically for nonprofits, designed to simplify, strengthen, and streamline fundraising efforts. Elevate offers a turnkey solution for organizations looking to easily collect donations online.

Salesforce Elevate is part of the Nonprofit Success Pack, the foundation of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, and a powerful toolset to give nonprofit organizations a true 360-view of their supporters. Through the Power of Us Program, Salesforce offers 10 free subscriptions to qualifying nonprofits.

Chargent for Nonprofits

A native Salesforce app highly rated on the AppExchange, Chargent makes donor-friendly Salesforce payments simple, automated, and instantly connected by integrating with Salesforce to bring your contributions together with your CRM.

We have long been advocates of the essential work of nonprofit organizations – and of the efforts that Salesforce consistently puts into supporting that work. And like Salesforce, we offer discounted pricing to our nonprofit customers.

Chargent helps you deliver an exceptional recurring giving experience – enabling a predictable revenue stream that makes a real impact on your organization’s budget – so that you can focus on making an impact for your constituents.

Which Salesforce donation app is right for you?

When it comes to accepting donations, NPOs leveraging Salesforce as a CRM have excellent options. How do you determine which Salesforce donation app is the right fit for your organization? The answer, of course, is that it depends on what you need it to do.

Chargent and Salesforce Elevate both offer robust features. Click the tabs to see available options on each system.

Chargent and Salesforce Elevate both let you do the critical work of connecting your fundraising efforts to your donor data in real-time, while providing a seamless giving experience.

In addition, Chargent empowers you to take advantage of a full set of payments features to address more complex use cases.

  • Take payments anywhere on the Salesforce platform with Chargent Anywhere – and capture contributions from your website, call center, or wherever your donors are.
  • You’ve made recurring giving easy and automated – but even your most committed donors occasionally change credit cards. Chargent’s powerful Automated Collections add-on eliminates the manual work of following up on failed payments, ultimately saving you time and money –  every nonprofit’s most valuable resource.
  • If you’re reaching out to a global audience, Chargent enables you to take payments around the world. Read about how the world’s oldest annual marathon brought together the power of Salesforce and the accessibility of Chargent to create a seamless user experience for tens of thousands of participants worldwide.

Learn more about how Chargent helps nonprofit organizations turn one-time donors into long-term sustainers – or get in touch today.