At Chargent, we are firm believers that great ideas come from everywhere.

So while many of our most popular Salesforce payments features originate with our super-smart engineering team, they pay close attention to customers and other stakeholders when they share ideas for improving our products.

Check out this video or keep reading to learn about the Top 5 Chargent features your organization needs in Salesforce – so you can get paid faster, with less effort.

#1: The Take Payment Component

We created a click-to-configure component – the Take Payment component – that allows you to instantly take payment anywhere in Salesforce. It’s as easy as this: your administrator can drag and drop the component onto any page, set the configurations, and that’s it! You are ready to start taking payments from your customers.

While simple and easy are our watchwords, we also built this tool to accommodate more complex needs. The Take Payment component is flow enabled and can extend its capability to match your process using the Salesforce Flow builder.

For example, one popular use case for Take Payment is collecting fees from members of Salesforce Communities. In fact, one of the most famous marathons in the world uses Chargent in their Salesforce Community to collect lottery fees from runners all over the world.

#2: Recurring Billing

Many organizations need to collect regular payments from their customers or donors. If your organization collects a steady amount from your customers, every single month, or every single year, we’ve made that really easy with Recurring Billing. You can set it and forget it!

Automating Recurring Billing can help organizations save time and money. If your team is clicking a button or creating a batch file, you should know that there is an easier, more cost-effective way to collect cash!

In fact, as a subscription software business, we use Recurring Billing ourselves, to bill and collect from our own customers. And we’re in great company. Some of the largest nonprofits in the world use Chargent to collect recurring donations from their sustaining donors.

#3: Chargent Anywhere

With Chargent Anywhere, Salesforce admins can integrate payments into any object, and any page, anywhere on the Salesforce platform. This is one of those ideas that originated with our customers – they asked us to payment-enable standard and custom objects throughout the Salesforce clouds. So we built it!

Here’s why our customers said they needed this, and why you might too:

First, Chargent Anywhere lets your team quickly take payment using our payment console, or immediately send a payment request directly to your customers – right in Salesforce, where they are already working.

Secondly, Chargent Anywhere improves your reporting, even for more complex processes like reconciliation. Setup is done in a matter of clicks, associating the records so your reporting just works, enabling you to gain meaningful insights.

Our customers use Chargent Anywhere across a wide range of payment scenarios. One medical device customer sells oxygen direct-to-consumer using TV commercials – inundating their call center agents with tens of thousands of calls in a matter of minutes when their ads run. They use Chargent Anywhere to capture payment data from these customers in just seconds.

#4: Payment Request Setup

It’s not only about what Chargent products can do, it’s also about how simple they are to set up. Our Payment Request feature used to take a skilled Salesforce admin about an hour to set up. We fixed that by reimagining the setup process, taking the onerous technical work out of scope.

Now, any Salesforce admin, regardless of their experience level, can set up a payment page. And most importantly, you can get started accepting payments from your customers right away.

#5: Chargent Payment Request

Your customers want to enter their own payment details, using their payment method of choice. By and large, they are digital natives who not only prefer, but expect, self-service options. This is a win for you too, as self-service is much less expensive than high-touch methods like phone calls.

Our Payment Request feature enables you to send a payment link via email to your customers. Clicking just one link lets them securely enter their payment data using our user-friendly payform.

Approximately 40% of Chargent customers use Payment Request to take payments. Current use cases range from nonprofits collecting one-time donations, to manufacturers taking large deposits for custom-built Amish gazebos, to utility payments.

While we’d never play favorites, these five features are among the most-used Chargent features in Salesforce. That said, the true “top” feature is the one that fits your organization’s needs. If you’d like to learn more, check out these Chargent products, or get in touch with our sales team to talk about getting started with Chargent.