Chargent Payment Request empowers your team and improves your customer experience with online payments through Salesforce and Chargent. Give customers the tools they need to complete payment tasks online, when it’s convenient for them.

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Enable Self-Service Payments

Connecting with customers when they are ready to take action can be difficult. Empower customers to pay online at their convenience, with the payment method and transaction record stored directly in Salesforce.  Send Payment Request links through any channel that allows a clickable link.

Accept More Payment Methods

Payment Request allows your customers to pay with their credit cards or bank accounts and can be configured to collect payments or authorizations. With clicks (not code), you can automate the creation and sending of Payment Method links based on your business needs, adapting as your processes evolve.

Watch this 3-minute video for tips and tricks on using our most popular feature.

Secure Payment Data

Protect your customers — and their payment information — with a secure online payment page through Salesforce. Reduce your PCI compliance scope by eliminating the need for paper payment forms, external payment websites, or writing payment info on a sticky note since customers provide their own payment details. Chargent also facilitates tokenization through your payment gateway so you can store a token rather than credit card data.

Automatic Payment Status Updates

Payment status is captured instantly in Salesforce, keeping your customer data up to date. Immediately know customer payment statuses, and take appropriate next steps with confidence that your data is accurate. Chargent integrates with finance and accounting systems, giving you a 360-degree view of your customer data – all in your Salesforce org.

Overcome payments challenges and collect more cash

No-Code Setup

Payment Request includes an easy setup wizard, so you can click through and configure your logo, messaging, and more with no coding required. It even supports multiple payment pages for different companies or brands within a single Salesforce org.

Watch this 7-minute video to see how to set up the payment request feature in 5 simple steps.

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