At AppFrontier, we are proud to serve a wide range of business and non-profit customers. One thing they have in common (besides using Chargent): their digital presence is the core of their customer and donor relationships – and that starts with their website.

Our customers want to drive their customers and donors to a branded, easily recognizable website – and allow them to initiate payments or donations from there. And, because they’re fully invested in Salesforce, they need to track customer and payment information in Salesforce, where the rest of their customer data lives.

With Salesforce and Chargent, you can enable your customers to initiate one-time and recurring payments, right from your website.

Here, we’ll go over three options for connecting Salesforce payments to your website, evaluate the advantages of each, and provide guidance on where to find further information.

Option #1: Partner With FormAssembly

An easy, out-of-the-box solution to get up and running (and taking payments) quickly is through our partner FormAssembly. With FormAssembly, you can create donation forms, event reservations, order forms, appointment bookings, and more. FormAssembly offers a Chargent connector that integrates their online forms with Salesforce and Chargent with minimal configuration required.

Option #2: Chargent API

If your requirements are more complex, you can engage an experienced developer to leverage the Chargent API to build a custom integration from your website to Salesforce, creating the Chargent records in Salesforce for one-time or recurring payments. After the initial transaction, the Chargent Recurring Batch handles any recurring charges automatically.

If you prefer not to tackle development in-house, we have a list of implementation partners that can be contracted for your project.

Option #3: Take Payment Component

Your third option is to add a Salesforce Flow to your website using embedded service. This low-code option can be implemented by your Salesforce Admin, and allows your customers or donors to pay, with their preferred payment method, with just the click of a button.

Embedded flows enable your customers and donors to complete simple, automated tasks right from your website. Chargent offers a flow-enabled Take Payment Component, allowing you to build a flow and collect customer or donor payment information, such as credit card information, quickly and easily.

One note about the second two options: the Chargent API and the Chargent Take Payment Component both require a Chargent Platform Edition Subscription.

Finally, if you prefer not to accept payments on a public website, consider using the Salesforce Experience Cloud to help you to build a digital experience portal for your customers and donors on the Salesforce platform. The Chargent Take Payment Component is also designed to collect payments in the Salesforce Experience Cloud, right out of the box.

Your website is your organization’s digital home. We’ve made it easier than ever to connect your website to Salesforce and start taking payments.

Not Sure Which Option is Best?

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