To Your Salesforce Payments

Create a unified customer view and eliminate payment data silos. Chargent’s Developer API lets you run payments from any external system through Salesforce via Chargent. This way, all your payment transactions end up in Salesforce. Common use cases include connecting a shopping cart or payment form on an external web site.

Development & API

By calling the Chargent Developer API instead of integrating directly to your payment gateway, you enable Chargent to send the callout to your gateway from Salesforce. This allows all transactions to be stored in Salesforce, where your team can see payment status, totals, and easily handle customer service issues like refunds.

In addition, by using Chargent’s API, you no longer have to maintain an integration to your payment gateway. Chargent handles any compliance or technical updates, a common occurrence in the payments industry.

Automate Your Way

You can also use the Chargent API to support custom payment processes inside of Salesforce. While Chargent is highly customizable with just clicks, you may sometimes have a unique payments process that you want to make happen with code.

Since 2008, Chargent has worked with implementation firms and consultants who require non-standard payments use cases for their clients. Common use cases include:

  • Screen flows
  • Partial payments with custom logic
  • Automating refund processing

I implemented Chargent for an end customer because of the limitations on the current app that they were using. While the native features on Chargent will meet most requirements, we needed to support custom calculations for tax, partial payments, using GC, etc on a custom checkout page and then call the Chargent APIs to handle the rest. The APIs are super simple (though a working sample would make a great addition to their existing documentation) however, the support staff was great and very responsive. We found a great partner in Chargent and I would recommend the product and their services to any of my future clients. The simplicity in setting up multiple gateways and recurring billing configuration option are second to none if you want the go by clicks not code mantra.

Swapnil M, July 2020

Proven Salesforce Technology

Chargent’s Developer API is an extension of the Salesforce SOAP API, built 100% on the Salesforce platform. It uses JSON and the same underlying data model and standard objects as those in the Salesforce API, in addition to Chargent’s custom objects.

There is nothing proprietary or unfamiliar to Salesforce developers, so you can get up and running fast. And while we can’t help you write code, the Chargent support team that customers rave about is here to help you understand payment flows, best practices around payment automation, and more.

Available on Salesforce AppExchange