Introducing Salesforce Genie

This week Salesforce announced one of its most significant innovations, launching Salesforce Genie at Dreamforce ‘22 in San Francisco. Genie is a real-time data platform powering the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform, transforming real-time customer data and transactional data into a harmonized view – a single source of truth for customer interactions. Genie includes built-in connectors that bring in data from every channel. The power to connect and synchronize customer data is virtually limitless. And at Chargent, we are excited to be among the leading ISVs participating in the launch.

Salesforce has identified and solved for a significant gap in the digital customer experience. 71% of customers expect every interaction with a business to be personalized. Yet, the average company relies on 976 separate applications. The end result? Siloed, redundant data that is difficult to translate into action.

Salesforce Genie touches every aspect of the enterprise to create customer magic, unifying data sources across channels and interactions into a real-time view of every customer.

Salesforce Genie for Marketers

For marketers, the Customer Data Platform, powered by Salesforce Genie, brings together internal and external real-time data streams, across Salesforce and through a select group of ISVs. Learn more about how Chargent and other strategic partners apps are supercharging customer data, with the Salesforce Genie collection at the AppExchange.

Turn Payment Data Into Customer Insights

Chargent for Salesforce CDP unlocks the true power of your customer data, integrating payment transactions, customer balances, and other real-time payment data into Salesforce Customer Data Platform, powered by Salesforce Genie. Connecting payment data to critical customer insights gives you a true 360-view of your customer, so you can make better decisions around digital-first marketing initiatives and elevate every customer touchpoint.

Want to learn more?

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