If you use Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing to help you close deals and grow your business, you already understand the value that automation adds to your sales process. However, quote-to-cash is just quote-to-invoice – until you get paid.

We are excited to introduce Chargent for Salesforce Billing, helping you close the loop on your quote-to-cash process and start taking digital payments – right in Salesforce Billing.

Connect Your Preferred Payment Gateway – No Development Needed

Chargent connects over 30 payment gateways directly to Salesforce Billing – with clicks, not code. Your Salesforce Admin can have you up and running – and taking payments – in a matter of minutes.

Your out of the box options for taking payments in Salesforce Billing are limited. Building a custom integration with your current payment gateway is expensive – think costly development work and ongoing maintenance. Alternatively, changing payment gateways is time-consuming – and between renegotiating rates and navigating the underwriting process, may not be to your advantage.

Chargent helps you collect cash faster by taking integrations out of scope. We maintain our 30+ payment gateway integrations on an ongoing basis, which means that once you’re connected, you’ll never have to think about your payment gateway integration.

Take Payment Directly from Salesforce Billing Invoices

31% of companies report that lack of payment choice causes friction in paying suppliers. Once you’re up and running with Chargent for Salesforce Billing, you can start taking credit card, debit card, or ACH payments directly from Salesforce Billing invoices, and see results like:

  • Quicker cash collection
  • Reduced DSO
  • Increase visibility
  • Improved tracking of your payments

After all, organizations are powered by people – who expect the same online payment options they experience as consumers. With better digital payments, your customers complete the payment process – and you collect revenue – faster.

All the Power of Salesforce Billing

With Chargent for Salesforce Billing, we’ve taken the friction out of taking payments. Leverage powerful Salesforce Billing features like scheduled payment runs, instant payment allocation, refunds, and self-service pages – seamlessly connected to the payment gateway that you prefer.

Best of all, your team can work directly in the Salesforce Billing interfaces they are already using – no additional training needed.

Unlimited Extensibility

You can also take advantage of all the features that make Chargent the leading payment application on AppExchange. Payment enable any object inside Salesforce, and empower your team to take payments over the phone, in person, or with a payment request link – and let your customers use the payment method they prefer.

And if you’d like to take automated payments to the next level, our Automated Collections add-on module gives you powerful tools like customizable dunning processes, and in-depth analytics to improve collections results.

Chargent expands the functionality of Salesforce Billing with a focus on what we do best – payment processing. We’ve made quote-to-cash easy for you, and easier for your customers – so you can get paid faster.

Read more about how Chargent for Salesforce Billing can help you accelerate the last mile of cash collections. Ready to get started? Contact our team today.