Chargent 6.0 is the direct result of our customers’ feedback and requests. We’ve never shipped a release that was more driven by our customers than we are with 6.0.

A big thank you goes out to our customers for inspiring us!

Take Payment Component

Payment Enable your Salesforce Communities

What problem does it solve?
Taking payments in Communities traditionally requires costly development work.

How do we solve it?
A drag-and-drop solution that takes minutes to configure.

  • No coding / dev work needed
  • Works on any object
  • Fits in any page layout
  • Coming soon in Flows!

Payment-enabling your Salesforce Community allows you to lower your Customer Service call volume, which means you can reduce your staff costs or free up that time for your staff to work on other tasks. You can also get paid more quickly by allowing customers to make payments any time.

Zero Footprint Tokenization

Reduce Your Data Storage Costs

What problem does it solve?
Taking payments in Communities traditionally requires costly development work.

How do we solve it?
A tokenization feature that doesn’t litter your org with data-heavy records.

Some of our customers are processing millions of transactions per month, which results in Salesforce data storage limits being quickly hit and surpassed, amounting to thousands of dollars in extra cost per year.

Our Principal Technical Architect, Eric Alexander was inspired by the headless software initiatives like Headless Java and Headless Linux. He started working on a way to enable Chargent customers to process payments in a similar low footprint manner in an effort to reduce the data-weight of those transactions.

The result is our new Tokenization feature that allows you to quickly tokenize payment data without generating multiple transaction and other object records in Salesforce, to keep the amount of data stored in Salesforce to a minimum. This is configurable anywhere within your Salesforce org.

Automated Collections

Automated Payment-Retry and Outreach

What problem does it solve?
Your Account Receivables (AC) are piling up, time to automate some collections!

How do we solve it?
A drag-and-drop solution that takes minutes to configure.

Every business is hurt by late and missed payments. Addressing this issue requires costly staff hours. In fact, most large companies have an entire department employed just to collect these payments.

Our Automated Collections feature does that work for you inside Salesforce, and provides customizable automated payment retry schedules and customer outreach.

  • Automated Collections runs itself once configured
  • Automated Collections is halted once payment is received
  • Automated Collections records auto-delete after completion (you set the timing), keeping your org free of record litter

This feature will soon be available as an add-on module to the Chargent Payments for Salesforce app.

CPQ Billing Gateway Connector

Chargent Enriches Salesforce’s CPQ Billing Features

We know that CPQ and Billing can support things like: guided selling, the product configurator, pricing, and so on. That’s their focus. And both CPQ Billing and Chargent feature Payment Automation functionality. That’s our one point of overlap.

Salesforce didn’t work with us in hopes that we’d match their functionality, obviously. Chargent’s role is to fill in some gaps. We add subscription payments, retail payments, and POS integration to their already-rich suite of features.

Furthermore, and this is the most exciting part for me, we enrich Salesforce CPQ Billing by connecting it with our 30+ gateway integrations. That’s our wheelhouse, right? Keeping up with the constantly evolving payments gateway space, and providing a secure and reliable way to leverage those gateways.

Package Installation Manager

No More Installation Guesswork

We’ve also launched our Package Installation Manager, or as we like to call it “The PIM.”

This is the best way to install or upgrade your installation of our app and features. This tool scans your org to determine which versions of our packages you’re running, and which ones you should be installing or upgrading to.

A big part of remaining PCI compliant is making sure that you have the most secure and up-to-date versions of our packages, and the PIM does that work for you.

Plus the PIM upgrades the packages you already have, and ignores ones you might not be using yet, like Chargent Terminal.

Chargent Anywhere

Payment-Enable ANY Salesforce Object

We’ve recently updated and reworked our Chargent Anywhere component.

  • The UI is slicker and more responsive, requiring fewer clicks to collect one-time or recurring payments
  • It can now be used to record cash or check payments
  • You can send Payment Requests from it

And, if you haven’t already used Chargent Anywhere in general, this component can be configured anywhere in your org, payment-enabling the object you and your team are working in every day. Get your payment buttons anywhere in Salesforce, related to Opportunities, Orders, Contacts, even your own custom object.

NMI Payment Gateway Integration

Our Upgraded Connection is Live

We’ve developed native NMI gateway integration to leverage all of their options and their API functionality. This was done with emulation before, so we didn’t previously support tokenization. Now NMI is a first class citizen in our long list of gateway integrations.

NMI Gateway functionality now includes:

  • Card and Bank Account Tokenization
  • Authorizations
  • Refunds Voids
  • Level 2 3 Data
  • Multiple Currencies

Gateway Upgrades Improvements
  • Resolved an issue where the gateway would return an error when special characters were used
  • Added error data for tokenization failure
  • Updated response message logic to facilitate’s Advanced Fraud Detection suite
  • Enhanced authentication within the Gateway Setup Wizard
  • Updated gateway to allow token updates via’s CIM tool
  • Added Authorize, Refund, Partial Refund, and Void functionality.
  • Added greater detail to Linked2Pay gateway responses by mapping additional data fields for each transaction completed.
  • Braintree
  • Updated country mapping to facilitate proper ISO code

Lightning Layout Optimizations

Better Layout, Easy Access to Vital Data

We’ve also reworked our object layouts to better display relevant fields and statuses, providing more information before having to scroll. We’ve added hover details and highlight panels to our objects to further enhance relevant data visibility.

This makes popping into a record and finding needed info much quicker, often requiring only that you hover your mouse pointer over the link to a Chargent record in any given field.

Please note that existing Chargent customers won’t see these new lightning page layouts by default. You’ll need to choose them in setup as your org and app defaults. They’re the ones with titles ending in “v_3”.

Salesforce Security Review

Chargent Meets the Strictest Security Standards

When we first launched the Chargent app in 2008, there was no such thing as Security Review. However, every gateway integration we build requires that we pass a strict compliance process. We were focused on security long before Security Review came into play.

Since we launched, there’s been a lot of evolution in the thinking around test methods. As such, this release has been vetted using our improved testing methods through each step of development. This further reduces the chances that a change or update in gateway technology could cause a disruption for our customers.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve passed Salesforce’s stringent Security Review process.

Simplify your Salesforce Payments Process

Interested in bringing payment functionality to your Salesforce process? Visit our Features page to learn more about Chargent or contact us for a demo.

Current customers are eligible for a free update!

We hope that you’re as excited about these new features and improvements as we are. 6.0 is a milestone version for Chargent. Thank you for pushing us to be great.