Salesforce is a great tool with many different options. If you have added payments capabilities to your Salesforce org, how do you know that your Salesforce workflow is optimized for your payments process? Our handy list will get you started on the right track.

Mistake 1: Failure to Plan

Not setting up a plan before implementing changes.

The biggest mistake that organizations make with Salesforce payments is, simply, that they fail to plan. You will need to plan for any data migration, and know what the steps are to ensure business continuity.

Mistake 2: Customer Payments

Not thinking through how your customers want to pay you.

Many project teams don’t think through how their customers actually want to pay their organization. It is easy for us to think through how we want to take payment, it’s sometimes more challenging for us to slow down and think about how our customers want and expect to pay us, especially in cases for recurring billing. Sometimes those can be two different things.

Mistake 3: Bank Transfers

Not considering bank transfers as an option to offer your customers.

Did you know: There is over 10% year-over-year growth in the number of transactions being made directly from bank accounts online.

This is huge growth. These transactions are far less expensive than card transactions. For that reason alone every organization should be considering how to use bank transfer payments for their payment methods.

Mistake 4: Failure to Empathize

Failure to empathize with their customers.

As organizations we often fail to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and think about what’s going to work best for them. Because ultimately if we do what’s best for our customers, it will be best for our organization.

Mistake 5: Accounting System

Not considering your accounting system when strategizing your payment system.

Your accounting system and Salesforce platform will need to communicate. How will that happen? You will need to make a plan for this.

Mistake 6: Going it Alone!

Not having software professionals involved in your project.

It is challenging to come from zero understanding of how these systems work and expect everything to work properly. Sadly, not everyone has the right knowledge to make the project work well.

Mistake 7: Optimize Transactions

Not considering level two and level three optimization of your payments.

This is something that can save business-to-business sales organizations a lot of money.

Just like we talked about, if you do bank transfers, you are likely going to save yourself quite a bit of money when you properly optimize transactions for your business processes.

Mistake 8: Payment Gateway Differences

Not understanding the benefits of the different payment gateways.

Is your gateway helping you optimize transactions? Does that gateway experience downtime?

Many businesses don’t study payment gateways well enough to make sure that they’ve really picked the gateway that matches their business the best and will help them stay PCI compliant.

Mistake 9: Payment Processors

Assuming that all payment processors are equal.

Each payment processor is different with different options. You’ll need to do the research and figure out which one is best for your organization. The right payment processor connects Salesforce to your payment gateway while providing support into the future.

Get on the Right Track with Chargent

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