Built to Take Payments and Protect Customer Data in Salesforce

Allow your call center or sales team to immediately take payments while on the phone with customers — securely and from anywhere in your Salesforce org.

Payment Console

Capture Payments Now

Drive more revenue by empowering your call center agents to process payments during phone calls with your customers. If a problem with payment data arises, your agent can fix payment details immediately with the customer and try again. Chargent gives an immediate success/fail response so your agent can take appropriate action and collect the payment – no more finding out about declined payments days later!

Customized to Your Process

Whether you’re authorizing a credit card before shipping product or setting up a payment plan with initial deposit, Chargent’s Payment Console is flexible to fit your process. The Payment Console can be embedded anywhere in Salesforce, so your team has access at the right step of their process. Errors can be reduced by eliminating separate billing systems and duplicate data entry.

Secure Payment Information

Account numbers are securely tokenized through your merchant account and payment gateway while you are on the phone with a customer. Card details are never saved to Salesforce, reducing PCI compliance scope. Optional integration with Chargent’s Vonage Contact Center (formerly New Voice Media) can even pause call recordings while your customer relays their payment information, improving PCI compliance.

Better Customer Experience

Allow your customers to pay with their preferred payment method: credit card, debit card, or bank account. Customer service agents have access to current customer data through Salesforce, so customers can trust their accounts are up to date. They can also be reassured that their payment data is accessible, but not stored on your systems.

Confident Payment Solutions

Collect more revenue and keep customer data more secure with Chargent. We make payment processing simple, directly in Salesforce!

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