In Salesforce, it’s possible to enable multiple currencies and accept payments in different currencies using the Chargent payments app for Salesforce. Salesforce is a global company capable of serving customers in almost every country, including local time zones, languages and currency. Chargent supports processing transactions in over 150 different currencies!

Prior to setting up your Salesforce Org to accept multi currencies with Chargent, you will need to work with your Payment Gateway and your Payment Processor, also known as your Merchant Account, to begin accepting the various currency types.

Generally you can get accounts to accept multiple currencies, later converted into your local currency for deposit into your bank account. To receive funds in different currencies without conversion, you will need bank accounts in those countries, but that is a topic for another blog post. If you are looking for a new payment provider to support a particular currency, please contact us for assistance.

Steps to Control Currency in Salesforce

There are three levels in Salesforce where Chargent allows you to control currency for payment transactions. These tiers of currency support allow you very granular control of multiple currency types within Salesforce and Chargent.

Here are the steps for each level.

Step 1: Default Currency

The first step is to set the default currency in the Chargent Settings.

  1. Click the AppLauncher to navigate to the Chargent Settings tab.
  2. Click the Advanced Settings Tab.Here you will find the field to set your default currency.

Step 2: Payment Gateway Currency

The second step is to add the various currency types that you will be accepting on the Gateway record; remember to set it up on each of the Gateway records if you are using multiple Gateways.

  1. Click the AppLauncher to navigate to Gateways. If you are setting up a new Gateway at this time, you will see the option to select currency types in the Gateway Wizard.
  2. If you are editing a current Gateway record, then click on the Gateway Record.
  3. Click Edit, and then click Advanced Settings to get into Edit Mode on the record.
  4. In the field Available Currencies, add the currency types which you will be accepting with that Gateway.

If you do not see Available Currencies displayed, you may need to add it to the page layout. If you would like assistance adding the field to the Gateway Page Layout, contact the Chargent Support Team.

If you are not seeing the field available to be added, be sure that you are on the most current version of Chargent.You can visit the Installation page on our website to update Chargent to the current version. As a current customer, there is no cost to update to the current version, and we recommend it so that you can take advantage of all of the Chargent features included with your subscription.

Step 3: Chargent Order Currency Field

The third step is to add the Visualforce Field to the Chargent Orders Page Layout.

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup, click on Object Manager, and then click on the Chargent Orders Object.(If you are not seeing the Chargent Orders Object in your Org, contact the Chargent Support Team, and we will assist you.)
  2. Once at the Chargent Orders Object, click on Page Layouts, then on the Chargent Order Layout. If you see multiple page layouts there, click the button that says Page Layout Assignment, find your Profile, and there you can click on the page layout which is assigned to you.
  3. Once on the page layout, in the palette, go to Visualforce Pages, and find Currency.
  4. Drag the Currency Visualforce Field onto the Page Layout. It is quite large, so we recommend updating the size so that the height is 25 by clicking on the wrench icon in the top left. Be sure to check the show scrollbars and show label boxes as well for the best experience for your Salesforce Users.

Congratulations, you have just completed the setup to accept multiple currencies in Salesforce with Chargent!

Step 4: Testing it Out

Now, let’s see it in action.

  1. If you are using the Payment Console in the Chargent Anywhere Lightning Web Component, you will see the currencies available for the Gateway to be selected.
  2. If you are sending a payment request from the Chargent Anywhere Lightning Web Component, you will see the currencies available to be selected.
  3. To indicate which currency the transaction should be processed in directly on the Chargent Order, select the currency type in the Visualforce Field which you added.

Using the Chargent API to Pass Salesforce Currency Values

As a final note, if you are using the Chargent API to pass currency amounts, Chargent uses ISO 4217 standard in internal mapping for currency values. You can use this feature to directly submit ISO values.

For more information, please see our online documentation on currency.

Flexible Payment Solutions

If your business needs more than just an ordinary payment solution that requires multiple gateways, collecting payments in Salesforce Partner Communities, or accepting alternative payment methods, look to Chargent! Our free 30-day trial gives you the opportunity to explore these features. Then, contact us to get started – our experts are here to help!