Learn how to send different emails with Chargent Payment Requests based on whether you’re capturing a payment now or if you want to authorize the card for capture later.

Request Payments Through Chargent

Chargent’s Payment Request feature allows Salesforce users to send a payment link directly to their customers by email, text, embedding in an invoice document, or any other way that allows clickable links. The customer can then click through to a hosted webpage with populated payment amount and their contact information. They can enter payment information securely, and all of the transaction data is automatically recorded into Salesforce. Having email templates can help automate this process even more to send notifications to the customer.

Creating Email Templates

Let’s jump into a quick how-to. To begin, be sure to have these things before beginning:

  • Have your Payment Request feature already configured
  • Have the Full Charge Amount transaction type email template and the Authorization email template ready.
  • Clone the Chargent Payment Request email template if you’d like to practice on a template that can be deleted.

Watch a demonstration in our video, or you can follow along here.

  1. Navigate to the Setup area of your Salesforce account.
  2. Using the Quick Find search bar, search the word ‘Workflow’. Click on the Workflow Rules section to open up your list of workflow rules.
  3. Find the rule labeled “Payment Request Email” and click directly on the name. This is the workflow rule that sends your customers the email containing the Payment Link.
  4. Deactivate this rule by clicking on ‘Deactivate’.
  5. With that deactivated, click on ‘Clone’. This will copy the workflow rule with its triggering criteria. Cloning makes this process a little easier.
  6. Rename the cloned rule to match the transaction type you want to use. Start by creating the rule for charging the full amount.
  7. Set the rule name, then add the new rule criteria. The field you want to look for is labeled “Payment Request: Payment Request Transaction Type”.
  8. Select that field, add ‘Equals’ as the operator.
  9. Click the magnifying glass and select the “Charge Full Amount” value.
  10. Click Save Next.

Now, add the Workflow Action.

  1. Click the drop-down and select “New Email Alert”.
  2. Add any description that makes sense for you, the unique name will automatically fill-in.
  3. Click the magnifying glass next to the Email Template field.
  4. Select the appropriate email template which, for this example, is the standard “Payment Request Email” template.
  5. Change the Recipient Type from ‘User’ to ‘Email Field’.
  6. With that selected, move the ‘Email Field: Email Address’ option from the Available column to the Selected column.
  7. Click Save, click Done, then click Activate!

Just like that you’ve configured the first of your email templates!

The second template is much easier now with the first one completed. With that activated:

  1. Click on Clone again.
  2. Change the Rule Name to match the Transaction type.
  3. Change the name from “charge full amount” to “authorize full amount”.
  4. Go to the Rule Criteria and simply change the ‘Charge Full Amount’ value to ‘Authorize full amount’.
  5. Click Save

Next, add your Workflow Action again.

  1. Select ‘New Email Alert’
  2. Add your Description and click that magnifying glass again.
  3. Select the template you want to send to customers whom you’ll be authorizing their card rather than charging immediately.
  4. Change the Recipient Type from User to ‘Email field’
  5. Move the Available value into the Selected column
  6. Click Done.
  7. Activate the rule and you’re good to go!

With this configured, if you select either the Charge Full Amount option or the Authorize Full Amount option in Chargent’s Payment Request feature, you’ll send the appropriate email template to your customer to avoid any confusion!

As you can see, by combining the power of Salesforce Email Template functionality, Workflow rules, and Chargent’s Payment Request, you are able to model a complex split payment flow pretty easily.

Customize Your Salesforce Payments

Collect payments easier with Chargent! With the ability to customize workflows and templates, there’s a wealth of opportunities to make Salesforce payments work for your system. Our free 30-day trial lets you experience how Chargent can simplify payments and reduce workloads. At Chargent we’re dedicated to helping Salesforce customers like you keep your payments simple. And remember, we’re always here to help!