Chargent customers are all over the world, and for that reason, we strive to provide effective resources online to support our customers in every time zone. Chargent was released on the AppExchange in 2008, and since then, our customers have rated us as the leading payments app. Learn how to access Chargent support, as well as some of the great resources that we have for our customers! Taking care of our customers is top priority, so if you need help, reach out!

Step 1: Installation

Let’s look at the online installation page which is on our website. From the home page of, navigate to “Help Docs” and then to “Installation.” From the Installation page, you can install Chargent into a Sandbox, Production, or Developer Org which it is not yet installed in by clicking the “Install Chargent Trial” button. The Trial will last 30 days.

You can also update your Chargent Packages to the current version of the Chargent Application here, by clicking the “Update Chargent Button.” Click on the Quick Start Guide for more detailed instructions. There are several Chargent Packages, such as Chargent Base, Chargent Anywhere, and Chargent Terminal. Make sure you are selecting the packages that you have. Not sure? Great news, you can check in Salesforce Setup in Installed Packages to review your Chargent Packages.

Step 2: Payment Gateway Guides

Find our online documentation for each of the 30+ Payment Gateways that Chargent connects to Salesforce. This page displays all the Gateways that Chargent supports, including CyberSource, Worldpay / Vantiv, Stripe,, Braintree, PayPal Payflow and many more. Click on the name of your Gateway to see detailed instructions, including Test Credit Card Numbers and any specifics you need to know for setup and testing.

Step 3: Chargent Documentation

We have created extensive documentation for Chargent. Search for your topic in the search bar, or find what you’re looking for in the outlined topics on the left.


Click on “Testing” for information about testing with Chargent. It is very important to be diligent with your testing so that you can avoid anything unexpected when you are processing live transactions with your customers. You can see other Chargent support videos here as well.

Charges and Transactions

Click on “Payments” and select “Charges and Transactions” for an explanation of how transactions such as authorizations, charges, refunds and more are processed with Chargent in Salesforce.


You will also see “Payment Request”, Payment Console”, and “Chargent Anywhere.” Payment Request and Payment Console contains information about these two premium Chargent Features which are activated using “Chargent Anywhere: the Lightning Web Component,” and can be added to any Object in Salesforce.

Recurring Billing

Click “Recurring Billing” for Use Cases for Recurring Billing and important set up information. There are a lot of moving parts for Recurring Billing, so if you have questions, be sure to reach out to the Chargent Support Team!

Automated Collections

Automated Collections” provides Use Cases and instructions for setting up the Automated Collections Module. This enables you to configure and automate follow up actions for missed payments to be collected without your staff’s involvement. Next, click on “Add / Edit Email Template” to see how to configure email notifications.

Chargent API Integrations

Chargent API Integrations” is where to find information about working with the Chargent API and how to set up Chargent’s Take Payments Component in Salesforce communities.

Chargent Partner Connectors

Chargent Partner Connectors” provides information for Chargent Integration with other Applications such as Salesforce Billing, Accounting Seed and Form Assembly.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If you’re still struggling with a solution, reach out to the Chargent Support Team!

Step 4: Knowledge Base

Let’s look at our Knowledge Base. You can click on “Knowledge Base” or click on “Help Docs” from the main menu, and then click on “Knowledge Base” to get there.

There are hundreds of great articles that cover a wide range of topics from How To’s such as How to set up Tokenization or How to Run the Batch from the Developers Console. In addition, there are articles with recommendations such as Best Practices for Data Migration for Recurring Billing.

If you ever see an error message in Salesforce, search the Knowledge Base and you will likely find an article explaining what it means! If you have suggestions for new Knowledge Base articles, please let us know! Your feedback is important to us.

Step 5: Chargent Blog and YouTube Channel

Check out our blog and YouTube video channel, which are growing rapidly with helpful Salesforce tutorials, payments best practices, and Chargent demos.

Step 6: Contacting the Chargent Support Team

For this final step, let’s look at the Chargent Support Team Page. From this page, you can submit a ticket to the Chargent Support Team. Simply complete the fields in the form, be sure to add as much detail as possible to assist us to provide you with the most timely solution, then click on the “Submit” Button, and that’s it!

When you are not able to navigate to the website, no worries! You can send an email to “[email protected]” and it will start a Case for the Chargent Support Team just as if you submitted a ticket on the Support Page. If you are not able to submit a Case on the website or to send an email to [email protected], you can call us! Our phone number is 415-275-1115, and extension 2 will get you straight to the Chargent Support Team. The Support Team hours of operation are Monday – Friday 5am-5pm Pacific Time Zone.

AppFrontier is headquartered in San Francisco on Market Street, just a few blocks up from the Salesforce Headquarters. At AppFrontier, we use the Salesforce Service Cloud and by directing your inquiries to the Chargent Support Team, we are able to relate the Case to your Account. This way we can find the Cases faster when we need to refer to them later. In addition we are able to maintain thorough Salesforce Reporting to identify trends and ultimately, better serve our customers.

Our team is able to work from home with occasional visits to San Francisco (during better times). We hail from locations like the Bay Area in California, Lansing, Michigan and Columbus, Ohio.

Count on Chargent!

We’re here to support you and your Salesforce billing processes! With our customizable features, direct payment gateways, and payment partners, we work to provide you with secure payment options 100% in Salesforce. Get a preview of what Chargent can do for you with our 30-day free trial!