An astonishing number of organizations – a full 93% – report experiencing accounts receivable challenges like high customer churn, high days sales outstanding (DSO), and bad debt.

Chargent Automated Collections – a powerful, configurable tool for automating your collections process – gives you a significant competitive advantage in addressing these challenges, as automation becomes the new normal.

You’ll transform the financial health of your organization by bringing together payment processing, automated collections, and customer data, right in Salesforce – and capture late and failed payments before they turn into lost revenue, lost donations – or lost customers.

Powerful Automated Collections Features

Chargent Automated Collections includes built-in features that do the heavy lifting on your collections process.

Automated Dunning

Automating early-stage collections activities like dunning emails and payment retries makes it easy to capture payments that fail due to basic errors like expired cards or address changes, reducing involuntary churn and making it easy for your customers to continue receiving the services they value.

Your AR teams will spend less time on manual collections, and more time on strategic, revenue-generating work. That makes for content employees and a healthier bottom line.

Collections Analytics

A ready-to-report analytics dashboard delivers timely, actionable performance data on your collections processes. You can run A/B testing on collections copy, timing, and more, and continually refine and optimize every aspect of your accounts receivable processes.

Collect Any Payment

Automation solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Automated Collections Collect Any Payment allows you to fully automate collections on any payment, from any system, or Salesforce object.

From your accounting software, ERP, or from any web-connected system, you’ll have your entire AR process in one place, and reduce the number of systems involved.

Easy Implementation

Bring accounts receivable automation to your organization, without taking on a large-scale implementation project. Customizing your collections process happens with clicks, not code, and you can start collecting payments instantly.

Better Customer Experiences

Centralizing your entire payment and collections process directly in Salesforce, where your customer data lives, gives you a true 360-view of both your customer and your financial landscape.

You’ll gain unprecedented control over your customer interactions, and can reduce your reliance on third-party collections services.

Real Customers, Real Results

The ROI on Automated Collections is measured in results like:

  • Decreased customer churn
  • Lower DSO
  • Reduction in bad debt
  • Healthier Accounts Receivable lifecycle
  • Improved cash flow

But the true power of AR automation is best told through our customers’ real-life results. Watch the video above to hear their stories:

  • An educational organization leveraged smart payment retries and automated dunning emails – and stopped paying six figures every year to a third-party collections agency.
  • A news provider paired their own email copy expertise with Chargent Automated Collections tools, and significantly reduced monthly involuntary churn.
  • A subscription-based healthcare company stopped relying on spreadsheets and started tackling the number of payments declined each day.

How can automated software transform your organization? Learn more about Chargent Automated Collections to find out.

Ready to run the numbers on automated collections for your organization? Get in touch with our sales team today.