Salesforce customers can now process payments in-person with the latest payment terminal POS available.

Salesforce CPQ customers that have payment plans are finding that Chargent Terminal is helping them lower costs as well.

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Micaiah Filkins, Co-Founder President, AppFrontier LLC

MICAIAH FILKINS: All right, so I’m pretty excited about what we’re going to show off today, which is Chargent Terminal. This has been a big focus of our organization for the last 18 months to maybe two years or so.

When we went and did our research on the AppExchange, there really wasn’t a modern retail payment solution out there for customers. One of the primary reasons that we chose Chargent Terminal is because out of the box, it’s already EMV certified.

So, your processor will insert an encryption code on it, and will allow it to have full encryption between the POS device and the endpoint. That is what Chargent Terminal is. It’s a fully EMV certified and PCI compliant terminal that we have integrated fully into Salesforce.

So, you might be asking, “Why Chargent Terminal?” Well, first off, you pay more. When you run a card-not-present solution, you pay about a percentage more.

The other thing was, we had a lot of customers that were saying they needed to be able to enable their ERP processes inside of Salesforce, or also just get into their GL. So, I think one of the things that’s really interesting about the device is that it supports a bunch of different payment types. It actually even supports barcode payments or QR code payments, which are not really a thing here in the U.S., but in China today there’s 520,000,000 QR codes that have been assigned for payments. The device is already ready for that.

You can actually register a paper check, or you could take cash. So, there are physical cash register drawers that can come along with this. If that’s something you needed to take, we can support that also.

So, today, you can definitely swipe. But as we all know, that’s kind of going by the wayside. And you can use a chip, what’s commonly known as DIP. So, that’s the little chip that we all have on most of our cards today. And that does work with Apple Pay or Google Pay. It also works with Tap.

So, this particular card that I just got from Venmo last week has the chip. It also has the NFC so I can tap it.

One of the first questions we kept getting is, “Well, where is this applicable?” If you’re any type of store that’s taking payments today but also want that data to come inside Salesforce, we are a very good match for that. So, kind of typical retail, we’ve got the tools to help you with that.

We’ve heard from a lot of nonprofits. They want to be able to walk around events and take payments. We’ve got a large outdoor retail organization that we work with, and they want to be able to go and collect membership dues inside their big event every year.

We have worked with hospitality companies, so Check-in Check-Out. Oh, and field service teams. We’ve been talking to a lot of field service teams where somebody’s at a site, in a home perhaps, and want to be able to take a card. Obviously, doing that via typing it in is just, again, not a good experience for folks. This gives you a mobile Salesforce POS system.

And so, today, we’ve got a few hundred of these in the market, and we’re pretty happy with that just a couple of years in. And we’re looking forward to doing more.