It doesn’t take long for a technology to go from innovation to expectation, and that’s exactly what’s happened with mobile point of sale (mPOS).

A report by 451 Research indicates that the global mPOS installed base will grow to 54.03 million units in 2019, a remarkable increase for a technology that was rolling out only a few years ago. That’s because more and more, consumers expect what comes with mPOS systems: speed, payment options and, of course, security. On the flip-side, businesses are demanding the ease, flexibility, and integration that a good mPOS offers; a system like the Chargent Terminal.So, what exactly do you get with a Salesforce-integrated mPOS system?


It’s right in the name. A mobile point of sale system is on-the-go. But consider the flexibility that offers. Once a sales associate isn’t tethered to one location, a business can capture revenue anywhere. Whether you’re a merchant making sales at a craft fair, or just want to enable convenient checkout anywhere in your retail store, your clientele is going to come to expect convenience and multiple credit card and smartphone payment options.

Chargent Terminal handles transactions over your wifi, so sales can happen in the showroom, or at a desk where your customer is picking out options for a configurable product. There was a time when cash meant mobility. But today, even when they’re on the move, people expect to be able to pay quicker via card or phone. They may reconsider a quick purchase if there is a line for the main checkout area, but one of your associates could check them out anywhere in your store. If your business can’t accommodate that, it’s revenue that’s lost forever.


Here’s where Chargent Terminal really sets itself apart. It’s the only EMV-compliant solution for card-present transactions on the Salesforce AppExchange. Not only that, but the Chargent Terminal is fully NFC-enabled, so it accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When your client wants to pay, there’s a way for him or her to do so without hassle or hang-ups. Plus, it’s PCI-compliant and EMV-certified, so even a small business or pop-up can enjoy the same transaction security as a large company. Transactions are captured to Salesforce to complete that 360-degree view of your customer, but credit card numbers are never saved to Salesforce.


Patience is a virtue, but these days, for your shoppers, it’s running thin. Just as they’re coming to expect an array of payment options, customers increasingly expect not to wait, making mPOS their best friend.

In another 451 Research survey from March 2018, 86% of US consumers say they have left a retail store due to long lines during the past 12 months.This results in an estimated $37.7 billion lost in potential sales, due to lost purchases or no purchase at all. In addition, approximately $1.1 billion in potential sales were lost when retailers did not support their customers’ preferred payment methods.

Chargent Terminal is efficient and easy for both sides of the transaction. For the consumer, the checkout line disappears if agents are equipped with the Chargent Terminal. For your business, recording important transaction data on a Salesforce connected device right at the point of sale makes a world of difference in terms of speed and reliability.

Mobile point-of-sale is the future, and it’s here. Let Chargent Terminal equip you for success.