See the latest and greatest features of Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce, as well as what we will deliver in 2019.

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Micaiah Filkins, Co-Founder & President, AppFrontier LLC

MICAIAH FILKINS: So, thanks again for showing up for the roadmap session.

One of the things we just rolled out that I was really happy about was what we call our Gateway Wizard. So, before getting one of the 60-some odd gateways we support set up in your system, it could be a little bit complex. There were some different issues with it, but we think we’ve made that quite a bit more simple at this point with our Gateway Wizard.

So, when you install the latest version of the Chargent package and click the “new” button on the gateway, you’ll get the Gateway Wizard rather than the classic UI. We do some interesting things there. We validate your credentials while we’re inside the wizard so we can make sure they’re correct.

We do have a new recurring UI, if you’re looking to set up recurring payments in the system. We were getting a number of support calls about it, and we got that addressed. And so, today, it’s much simpler. If you were here for the Chargent Anywhere solution, you would’ve seen that demoed. And we also have Chargent Anywhere now, so you can use Chargent from any object inside the Salesforce system.

We rolled out Chargent Terminal, our Salesforce POS for in-person payments, which is also available against any object inside Salesforce.

We had a lot of customers asking about the ability to update transactions from their gateway. So, today, you can do ACH and chargeback updates from your gateway system with our Transaction Sync feature. You can do that on, I think, on seven or eight of our gateway integrations today.

And we have rolled out Chargent ACH as well, so you can now purchase ACH directly from Chargent with the partner that we’ve taken on. So, some folks were struggling to get set up with ACH, and now you can buy that directly from us.

For developers, we improved a few things that were happening on the response data. We wanted to make it easy for other applications to integrate directly into us, and we took some big steps on CSC compliance.

So, there was kind of a longstanding issue in the app where you were able to store a card security code, which is that three-digit code on the back of your card, or a four-digit on the front. And we got that resolved so that that no longer can be saved in the system at all.

And then also the country code mapping. So, if you want to write US of A instead of U.S. or U.S.A., we give you the ability to handle that, and pass the correct value needed from Salesforce to your payment gateway.

We are working on a pretty advanced automated collections and dunning model. We’re going to have retry logic fully baked into the system, as well as the ability to send payment requests and get those collections and design those processes inside your system with little to no code. Hopefully, no code is the goal.

The ability to save multiple payment sources against a single account, which you can already do, we’re going to clean that up a little bit so it’s quite a bit easier to use.

The other big focus is we want you to be able to extend Chargent Anywhere quite easily inside the system. So, to accomplish that, if any of you were at the AppExchange Partner Keynote yesterday, you saw that we were part of the Flow Solutions section that just went live on the Salesforce AppExchange. There’s a new Lightning component store on the AppExchange that has to do with integrated Lightning components.

And so, we did that. We’re working very closely with that product team to do quite a few more Lightning components in the near future. Our goal is that you’re going to be able to put Chargent into a Salesforce community with little to no code, and really put it inside of any process inside the system.

We’re also working on a project where we’re going to help you be able to integrate into your e-commerce checkout packages quite easily, and potentially even something on the Magento store soon.

So, those are things we’re looking to try and get taken care of before I do this session again next year. And some of those were on the list last year, so we’ll see.