Salesforce Billing vs Chargent: Which one does your business need? People often ask us if Chargent is a replacement or competitor to Salesforce Billing.  Let’s take a closer look!

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Micaiah Filkins, Co-Founder President, AppFrontier LLC

People are always asking us if we are a replacement or if Chargent is a competitor to Salesforce Billing. It’s a great question, I think we should take a closer look!

In order to figure this out, we are going to start by comparing the features of Chargent with Salesforce billing.

Salesforce Billing is a Salesforce add-on product that automates the entire billing process and focuses heavily on your invoice management, the product is incredibly detailed with how it helps businesses manage their invoice process. With Salesforce Billing you can easily take all the line items from an order and have them fully integrated into your invoices with just a few clicks! In short Salesforce Billing helps you figure out how much needs to get paid and when it needs to get paid. Salesforce Billing loves invoices and is actually quite good with them.

Chargent doesn’t do invoices.  See our video on frictionless payments to hear how we really feel about invoices, in short we aren’t into them.  However Chargent helps you collect on your invoices! In fact, I think our Payment Request feature makes collecting on your invoices, drop dead simple.

So, if your business needs to make invoices based on usage, one-time or subscriptions, then you will want Salesforce Billing. When you want to easily get paid via bank account or credit card, then Chargent will help make that easy.

Put another way, use Salesforce Billing to figure out how much needs to get paid, then use Chargent to get paid by your customer quickly.

Not to brag too much, but Chargent is amazing at payment processing. We know we are really good at it, because more than 400 of our awesome customers took time to write AppExchange reviews telling us so!

As of today, Chargent is in the top best reviewed applications, of the more than 3,400 apps on the Salesforce AppExchange! Just a quick shout out to our awesome customers for doing that. You know who you are and we appreciate you! Keep being cool!

Alright, back on track here. These 400+ 5-star reviews, make us very confident that we are great at what we do.

Today, Chargent supports over 30 gateways, Chargent works for customers in 190 countries.

With Chargent you can take any credit card from any of your customers globally.  We also support cardless payments directly from bank accounts. You may also use multiple gateways, direct funds to many banks accounts and create any payment process you can imagine.  We are fully focused on being the best payment app on the AppExchange.

With Salesforce Billing they do support four of the most popular gateways out there, in multiple countries. We know this works well for a number of businesses. See while Salesforce Billing is a best-in-class, billing application, Chargent is a best-in-class payment application. It’s all we do and we focus on being great at it.

As you are likely putting together yourself, Chargent and Salesforce billing make a great team! The two work hand-in-hand to give your customers a great experience, as well as ensuring that taking payments is easy for your collections and finance teams.

Want to learn more about using both of these applications to make your customer’s experience great? Please do reach out. We are here to help!