What is the number one rule your customers want you to know about customer service?

They don’t want to call you! And they definitely don’t want to show up in person, send a telegram, or train a carrier pigeon.

Your customers don’t want to pick up the phone. They want to visit a well-designed website to take care of tasks in just a few clicks. The key to delivering an exceptional customer experience is providing them with robust self-service tools that allow them to get things done quickly, easily, and on their own schedule.

Why Does Self-Service Matter?

Millennials have long dominated the B2C market, and now make 73% of B2B purchasing decisions. The simplest answer is that these digital natives are busy, they expect immediate results, and most importantly – they prefer self-service.

The Risks of Missing the Mark

In a recent video, our co-founder told the story of his frustrating interaction with a well-known bank.

The other day, I visited the website of a large bank, which shall remain nameless. Although I was securely authenticated on the site and could clearly see the information that I wanted, I was not able to simply download it.

Instead, they wanted me to call them. And then send them a fax.

I asked, “do fax machines still exist?” and the customer support agent assured me that fax machines in fact do still exist. Who knew!?

The process was less secure, and took more time than necessary – in short, everything you don’t want in a customer interaction.

Why Self-Service is Good Business

Your Customers Expect Self-Service

Don’t make your customers send a raven – give them the seamless interactions that they expect from a modern, digital business.

Self-Service is More Secure

Protecting sensitive information is significantly easier with a secure self-service portal. Asking your customers to contact you by phone is less secure, and restricts the type of information you are able to exchange.

Self-Service Saves Time

Easy-to-navigate self-service options are faster for your customer, and for your organization. Enable your customers to find the answers they’re looking for before they need to engage with high-touch options like phone calls and email.

Phone Calls are Expensive

Allowing customers to take care of simple requests themselves empowers your team to focus on more strategic tasks and provide better service to customers with complex issues – adding value to your organization and saving you money.

Self-Service Options in Salesforce Communities

Chargent makes it easy to add self-service payments to your Salesforce Communities. Learn more about your options for Customer and Partner Portals.

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