By popular request, Chargent can now update Transaction status changes on select gateways.

Chargent has always sent charges and authorizations to the payment gateways, and recorded the result in a real-time Transaction in Salesforce. But now for ACH / Direct Debit transactions that are returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), credit card authorizations that expire, and more, Chargent can update Salesforce records long after the initial transaction.

Currently the Transaction Syncing feature is supported by Chargent on the following gateways:

  • Braintree
  • Ezidebit
  • USAePay

Two new fields, Transaction Status and Settlement Date can now be updated via a daily scheduled batch in Salesforce. The Settlement Date field stores the date and time when the Transaction Status is changed to final (such as “Settled” or “Voided”), after which it will no longer be updated.

So now you can keep your Salesforce payment data in sync, no matter what happens after the initial approved transaction, with Chargent’s new Transaction Syncing feature.