Offering your customers a great digital buying experience is essential to growing revenue and earning repeat customers. And as a long-term Salesforce ISV Partner, we may be biased – but we think that Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a great way to get there.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help you reduce costs, drive sales, and uncover operational efficiencies to help you grow your business and maximize profit. With robust offerings for B2C commerce, B2B ordering, and Order Management, Commerce Cloud makes it easy for you to deliver the commerce experience your customers expect – including an intuitive, frictionless payment platform powered by Chargent for Commerce Cloud.

So while the advantages of ecommerce are clear, here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the top benefits of leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Chargent to tackle B2B and B2C commerce – so you can go from cart-to-cash, faster.

Benefit #1: A Customer 360 View

Salesforce is the most complete CRM system available, and with Salesforce Commerce Cloud now 100 percent on-platform, you can now bring together all of your primary customer data with your valuable digital commerce data.

Breaking down data silos and centralizing all your customer data in one place lets you provide buyers with personalized recommendations and other targeted experiences. Demonstrating that you genuinely understand what your customers want and need drives loyalty – and ultimately, leads to more sales.

Benefit #2: 99.9% Salesforce Reliability

Salesforce makes bold claims about reliability – citing a 99.9% uptime record (and backing it up with publicly available data). Building your ecommerce system on the Salesforce platform means that you get the same performance you’ve come to expect from your CRM.

Because whether you are targeting business buyers or selling direct to consumers, the single most important thing about your commerce platform is that it’s available when your customer is ready to buy.

Benefit #3: Simplified, Modern Commerce

Building a modern commerce site can be complex – and that doesn’t only mean managing products, payments, and logistics. In a competitive digital landscape, you need a deep understanding of your users. Who are they and what are they going to buy?

Salesforce does the deep thinking for you, leveraging state-of-the-art user experience and artificial intelligence tools to provide meaningful, actionable insights into your buyers. Your customer data is simplified, so you can keep your focus where it belongs – on your core business.

Benefit #4: The Salesforce Partner Ecosystem

The Salesforce API allows ISV partners to connect to Commerce Cloud, giving you a wide range of pre-integrated options for shipping and other tools to support your ecommerce operations. Chargent for Commerce Cloud is an award-winning partner – bringing secure, consumer-friendly payments to your commerce site, and native integration to back-end functions like order management and fulfillment.

And as your business needs change, identifying new solutions is as easy as visiting the AppExchange.

Benefit #5: Payments, Simplified

A key element to delivering the intuitive commerce site experience that your customers expect is a frictionless payment process that buyers don’t have to think twice about – simple, secure, and enabled anywhere in Salesforce. Chargent makes it easy for you to connect and start taking payments in just minutes, which means you can get to market faster – and start delivering for your customers.

Chargent for Commerce Cloud speeds your digital commerce project, by making it easy to connect to your preferred payment gateway. Popular payment gateways can be connected in just minutes, without expensive integration work or ongoing maintenance. We even add new gateway integrations based on customer demand.

Want to get to market faster? Learn how you can get started taking payments in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, with Chargent’s ready-to-transact solution. Contact us today and let’s talk cart-to-cash.