Instead, use a stored token for processing transactions. Tokens cannot be decoded, since they can only be matched with the original value at the payment gateway. They are also specific to your payment gateway account, so they cannot be used elsewhere in the event of a security breach.

Deliver Frictionless Payment Experiences

Your customers don’t want to enter their credit card or bank account information more than once. Tokenization replaces that sensitive data with a token, so there’s no need to re-acquire payment data even as your systems or processes change.

Simplify PCI Compliance

Your customers’ trust is infinitely valuable. Reduce the scope of your PCI compliance by using tokenization, storing tokens instead of sensitive payment information, and making it more difficult for a bad actor to access your customers’ sensitive payment data.

Salesforce Tokenization for ERPs

Empower your call center, customer service, or inside sales team to securely and conveniently tokenize credit cards or bank accounts right where they are already working in Salesforce. Your tokens are then ready for use in your ERP or order management system for later billing.

Improve Efficiency. Spend Less.

Take tokenization to the next level with Chargent’s innovative tokenization tools.

Payment uptime is critical for revenue


Do you have questions about tokenization? Get answers to our most common questions.

Tokenization is the process of replacing data with a representation of that data in the form of a token. For payments, tokenization is a security technology that allows you to use a series of randomized characters, called a token, to reference a credit card number that is encrypted and stored safely in your payment gateway.

Chargent allows you to securely tokenize credit card and bank account payment details, never saving sensitive account numbers in Salesforce. Everything occurs on the client side from your Payment Request page or internal Salesforce Payment Console. Payment details are sent securely from your web browser, validated,  and stored within your payment gateway.

Your payment gateway returns a token along with its approved/declined response, and the token is saved in Salesforce for future use. Unlike a credit card account number, you can store tokens in Salesforce without the possibility of exposing customer information, greatly lowering your PCI compliance scope.

Not all gateways support tokenization, so consider whether or not you want to use tokenization prior to choosing your gateway provider. To find out which gateways support tokenization, visit our gateway guides or contact the gateway provider directly.

Improve collections process - get more revenue and cash

Leverage the Benefits of Tokenization

If your organization accepts payments and prioritizes data protection (as you should!), better protect your customers’ credit card information with tokenization today.