Why should your organization take payments in Salesforce? Put simply, to improve decision making with centralized reporting, streamline your customer-facing processes, and to make your data more secure.

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Micaiah Filkins, Co-Founder President, AppFrontier LLC

Sometimes customers ask us. Why should they take payments from inside Salesforce? We love this question. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits for your organization.

One main benefit is that most organizations that are using Salesforce are focused on having all of their customer data in a single place. This is for good reason.  When your customer data is in one system, it is simple to roll up all of the data into reports, which give you the data needed to make informed decisions quickly. The benefit is clear, when organizations make data based decisions they are able to more easily improve their organizations, improve their bottom line and keep their customers happier, longer.

Second, are the process benefits: think about if you’re a manufacturer and someone wants to do an express RMA. This is a typical situation where your customer will pay a fee to get their replacement before they give you the defective part. In the past, the payment would have been processed by a different system and possibly a different department, resulting in a delay of hours or days in assisting your customer. Now as your service agents are already using Salesforce Service Cloud to manage the customer interaction, the agent will simply click a button and take the card number inside the process. The customer in this situation, is going to be happy as this was simple and efficient.

For our large enterprise customers, we commonly see that the call center agents work in Salesforce to service customers. These enterprises oftentimes have a legacy billing system, in the back office. This might be an AS400, or any other legacy mainframe that have been chugging along, doing it’s job reliably, for years and years. Those systems, while old, are very good at what they do, they simply don’t get changed very often. One wouldn’t want their call center agents logging into the mainframe to enter payment details for a number of reasons. Instead it makes sense to allow those call center agents to simply collect a credit card number in Salesforce, while they’re on the phone with a customer, then have the card holder data tokenized by your gateway, which is then passed as a secure token to legacy billing system, where that system can continue the job of billing your customers. This tokenize-only model is very popular in enterprise call centers. As it’s simple and efficient.

Most any business that sends an order form for e-signature and also wants to collect a card payment straight away should have this process in Salesforce. This could be really all subscription businesses, which of course includes any SaaS software company. Keeping payments inside of Salesforce for subscription businesses, just makes business and process sense.

Using Chargent in Salesforce allows your agents to be logged into fewer systems. Which is going to increase your information security and decrease agent turnover. As well it’s going to improve the granularity of who has access to what information. Organizations keep payments inside of Salesforce to keep their payments more secure.

Okay, let’s review. I believe that there are three primary reasons why businesses decide to accept payments inside of Salesforce.

One is to keep their data clean and all the same place for simple reporting, which benefits organizations by helping them make better decisions more quickly as they can see all of their information in one place.

Two is that as Salesforce is the place where the front-office processes are managed, that it’s best to keep payments in the hands of the people doing those processes, the people that work directly with your customers. The benefit is that your streamlined processes are going to increase your bottom line, as well as increase your employee happiness which of course will drive happy customers which in turn drive sustainability in your business.

Third is that your payment data will be highly secure, and you’ll be able to control precisely who has access to what information. Salesforce will keep your data secure. Knowing this will enable savings because you won’t have to hire additional IT operations, compliance or security staff to manage this part of your infrastructure. Not to mention you can sleep well at night, knowing that your customer’s card data is securely stored at your payment gateway using the latest and greatest PCI standards.

In closing I also want to add that by further extending the power of Salesforce by taking payments, you are increasing the value that your organization receives from your Salesforce investment! While these are not all the benefits that your organization could realize, by adding payment capabilities into your Salesforce organization I do believe that these key benefits apply to most every organization.

If you’re ready to realize these benefits, please reach out to us. As always, “the Chargent team is here to help!”