Who exactly uses Chargent? Chargent payments for Salesforce works for customers across many verticals and industries.  We have customers from very lean non-profits through the world’s largest companies.

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Micaiah Filkins, Co-Founder President, AppFrontier LLC

Sometimes people ask us. Who is Chargent meant for or Who uses Chargent? I love this question! Let’s dig in.

The short answer is really any organization using Salesforce that wants to take electronic payments. Whether those payments are online, via phone, or in-person, Chargent has the tools, features and functions to enable Salesforce customers to take payments easily.

Our customer base is made up of organizations of many sizes: from a 3 person non-profit accepting donations to help those less fortunate to Fortune 100 businesses that take literally billions of dollars a year in payments. If your organization is on Salesforce and you want to take electronic payments, we can help.

You might ask what industries do we work in? Have a look at this list. The reality is that Chargent works well across many industries and verticals

Insurance companies
Loan Originators
Debt Consolidators
Business Schools
Internet Services
Comedy Clubs
Media Companies
Advertising Firms
Home Security Firms
Call Centers
Direct Service Organizations
Utility Companies
Medical Devices
Radio Stations
Membership Organizations
Faith Based Organizations
Helicopter Operators
Watch Manufacturers
Coffee Roasters

The better way to think about this is what types of payments can be taken with Chargent. Chargent can facilitate bank transfers as well as credit card payments. From ecommerce, to automated recurring subscription billing, to retail payments in person, we cover all of the ways your customers want to be able to pay you.

We think about our customers as any organization that wants to take payments more efficiently, rather than any particular vertical.

Want to know if Chargent is a match for your organization? We’d love to have that conversation, please reach out to us.