Chargent’s partner Breadwinner now automatically connects Quickbooks Online, Salesforce and Chargent with a few button clicks.

There are a number of ways of connecting Salesforce and Quickbooks, but most require difficult integrations. With Breadwinner, any business user can add the connection, and sync Salesforce with Quickbooks Online (QBO) by following some simple prompts.

Keep more of your payment information alongside your other CRM data, completing that 360 degree view of the customer.

  • See whether a QBO invoice is overdue or paid, right in Salesforce
  • Understand the Total Billed to a customer Account
  • Get paid and unpaid invoices synced to your Salesforce Accounts

In addition, using Breadwinner to connect Quickbooks Online (QBO), Salesforce and Chargent opens up a number of other capabilities for your sales or customer service teams:

  • Send payments from Chargent to QBO
  • Create new invoices in QBO in just a few clicks from Salesforce
  • Download a PDF version of any invoice from QBO in Salesforce

More information on Breadwinner is available at