Why would you want to connect Salesforce and Cybersource? Well, if you are processing payments through CyberSource, connecting it to Salesforce enables better control, more automation, easier management, and complete visibility into your customers and their payments.

And with the quick guide to advanced features shown here, you’ll learn some CyberSource capabilities you might not know about. At Chargent we specialize in Salesforce payment methods with integrations to 30+ payment gateways, and our CyberSource integration is especially complete with the advanced features covered in this video, so let’s get started.

Advanced Feature 1: Merchant Defined Data Fields

Did you know that CyberSource has twenty “Merchant Defined Data Fields”? This is a rather unique feature of CyberSource that most payment gateways don’t offer. Just like creating custom fields in Salesforce, these are custom fields in CyberSource.

You can use the merchant-defined data fields to add other information to an order, such as an order number, additional customer information, or a special comment or request from the customer.

Best of all, Chargent’s Salesforce-CyberSource integration provides an easy way of mapping Salesforce fields to the CyberSource fields.

Integrating Salesforce with CyberSource

  1. Click on the Chargent app in Salesforce
  2. Go to the Chargent Settings tab
  3. Click on the CyberSource Custom Mapping sub tab
  4. Select the object you want to map to CyberSource. This will be the object you have Chargent fields on, such as Chargent Orders or Opportunities.
  5. Add up to 20 fields, selecting Salesforce and corresponding CyberSource fields

One important thing to remember, when using these fields, Merchant-Defined Data fields must NEVER be used to capture personally identifying information. So be sure not to connect any fields with sensitive data. Personally identifying information includes name, address, credit card number, social security number, driver’s license number, state-issued identification number, passport number, and card verification numbers (CVV, CVC2, CVV2, CID, CVN).

On the CyberSource side, these custom fields are shown on the detailed transaction description page.

With great power comes great responsibility, but also opportunity to improve your transactional data, so be sure you are using those fields correctly to add information about orders, campaigns, or other data.

Advanced Feature 2: Standard Entry Class or SEC Codes

Another feature of Chargent’s Salesforce CyberSource connection is the ability to send different ACH Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes, via the Order Source field.

Electronic check transactions should include an SEC Code to specify how your organization is authorizing the transaction. The Order Source field on the Chargent Order record can be set to indicate this value for ACH transactions. This allows you to send different SEC Codes, corresponding to the Order Sources, in order to tell CyberSource’s ACH processors the type of eCheck transaction you are sending.

For ACH credits or debits against a personal checking or savings account, you could send a value of PPD – Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entry, or “eCommerce” to send an SEC value of WEB for Chargent Payment Request payments, where your customers or donors enter the bank account information themselves.

CyberSource supports ACH / electronic bank transfer payments through 4 different check processors:

  • Chase Paymentech Solutions
  • CyberSource ACH Service
  • RBS WorldPay Atlanta
  • TeleCheck

So you should check on any requirements from your processor, but Chargent should be able to handle sending the correct values to CyberSource for different use cases.

Another example, the value of ARC, or Account Receivable Conversion, supports the conversion of paper checks received via U.S. mail into a merchant’s unattended lock box. This value is used only by Paymentech, however.

These features are just a taste of how Chargent gives you the flexibility to connect Salesforce and CyberSource to meet your specific operational needs. Just like Salesforce, it is a flexible and configurable system that will allow you to accept payments in a wide variety of ways.

Our gateway guide has more information on Chargent’s Salesforce CyberSource integration, including test credit card numbers. Also see a detailed walk-through in our video.

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