Chargent is your go-to solution for connecting PayTrace to Salesforce. In this video, Kevin Hurd, PayTrace ISV Manager, presents their partner Chargent’s solution and PayTrace’s integration with Salesforce using Chargent.

Hi, everyone. Kevin from PayTrace here.

Does your organization use Salesforce to sell, manage, and service your customers? Would you like to be able to take payments from within Salesforce? There are a lot of solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange. I would like to highlight one of the five-star solutions that will allow you to take payments from within Salesforce, which is Chargent by AppFrontier.

Chargent is the go-to solution for integrating PayTrace into Salesforce. With more than 300 five-star reviews, it is the highest rated payments app in the Salesforce AppExchange. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this integration, and how you could take advantage of Chargent today.

Chargent places payment functionality where you need it in Salesforce. They also have an emphasis on security by using tokenization and utilizing Salesforce’s PCI compliance. They also leverage the power of PayTrace and interchange optimization, helping you qualify your commercial credit cards for the lowest processing rate 99% of the time, increasing your bottom line.

Many clients using Salesforce charge commercial credit cards using Chargent and PayTrace as the gateway. Customers can lower their wholesale credit card processing costs by benefitting from interchange optimization.

Do you bill on the 12th and 31st of each month? Chargent will allow you to schedule everything from a one-time payment, to weekly, to any frequency that may fit your billing needs.

There are a lot of great videos from PayTrace and AppFrontier showing you the magic of Chargent. If you would like to see a full demo of the Chargent application, please feel free to see it in the description below.

Thanks for checking out our ISV Spotlight. We hope you check out Chargent and our other integrations on our website. It’s just another way that we’re making merchants happy.