Why Salesforce Payments?

Why Payment Processing in Salesforce?

Integrated payments from CRM and other software systems are expected to represent over 30% of total payments volume by 2017.
McKinsey 2012 Payments Study

Payment Processing is #6 most requested Back Office App for Salesforce, with 38% of respondents considering integrating Payments with Salesforce.
Salesforce 2013 customer survey

So why should your company consider Salesforce payment processing, and add credit card and ACH payments directly into your Salesforce workflow? Here are 5 reasons.

1. Faster Revenue

With payment processing integrated into Salesforce, everyone from small nonprofits to large call centers can benefit by being able to collect revenue faster.

Chargent embeds payment buttons directly into the Salesforce pages where inside sales people or customer service agents work every day, enabling them to enter a customer's credit card details and click a button, and capture the revenue instantly. And problems with data entry or declined cards can be identified immediately while the customer is still on the phone, resulting in faster resolution and quicker revenue collection.

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2. Single Customer View

One of the promises of Salesforce or any CRM system is a 360 degree view of the customer. By extending Salesforce's capabilities with payment processing, you can connect your customer data to one of the most important pieces osf data in business -- how much a customer is paying you.

Chargent shows you complete history of transactions for each customer, including any refunds or declined transactions, as well as the total amount that a customer has paid. And with our recurring billing functionality, you get visibility into subscriptions and upcoming bills, embedded right in your primary customer database.

3. More Control

Handing off your recurring payments to your payment processor is convenient for some companies, but you give up some control, and over time your data becomes locked-in to that payment processor.

With a Salesforce integrated payment processing solution like Chargent, you maintain a higher level of control over recurring payments, and can easily adjust payment schedules, or have the option of less typical schedules such as daily or biennial. In addition, if there is a problem with a payment, you can more easily control the error handling. Instead of needing to reconcile with an external system, having your payments inside Salesforce puts you in control to automate processes with workflows that send email templates or assign users to follow up with the customer.

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4. More Security

Concerns over security of SaaS systems like Salesforce are becoming a thing of the past, with Salesforce first achieving PCI-DSS Compliance in November 2011 and being certified as a Level 1 Data Storage Entity/Third Party Agent. Extensive best practices exist on how to configure Salesforce security features to support your organization's PCI controls as well.

In many cases, Chargent customers find that integrating payment processing into Salesforce actually increases the level of security many organizations are able to achieve. In addition to Salesforce's robust security features such as password rules and sharing model, with Salesforce profiles you can control which payment functions users have access to down to an individual field level. And unlike most hosted payment pages or virtual terminals, when payments are integrated into Salesforce you get detailed logs and an audit history of what individual users did.

5. More Flexibility

Finally, adding payment processing capability to your primary customer database, Salesforce, gives you flexibility not usually associated with payments. All your payment data, such as amounts, status, and payment gateway response messages can be used to trigger emails to customers or notifications for your team, no external integrations needed.

You can also add payments to other Salesforce business processes such as order fulfillment or customer service, and easily connect to other Salesforce applications such as Accounting Seed or Financial Force. And with support for multiple gateways, you can use different payment accounts for distinct business units, all from a single Salesforce account, or transition between processors more easily should you need to.

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