With better reporting and customer visibility, easier revenue collection, more efficient and automated processes, and improved data security, your teams can be empowered to process payments where they work every day. In Salesforce!

Processing payments in Salesforce gives you:

  1. Single data source
  2. Faster revenue
  3. Process automation
  4. Better security
  5. Salesforce Investment ROI
Why Should Your Business Take Payments in Salesforce?


Salesforce advocates a 360-degree view of your customer. By extending Salesforce’s capabilities with payment processing, you can connect your customer contact data to a critical piece of data — how much a customer is paying you.

Establishing a single source of truth for your data in Salesforce makes reporting easier, enabling you to make better and faster data-based decisions.

Chargent shows you the complete transaction history for each customer, including any refunds or declined transactions, as well as the total amount that a customer has paid. And with our recurring billing functionality, you get visibility into subscriptions and upcoming bills, embedded right in your primary customer database.

Automating our credit card processing within Salesforce was vital to our organization. We have many moving parts to our credit card process and the Chargent application allowed us to customize to fit our needs. Smooth and efficient implementation as well as outstanding ongoing service. I have recommended Chargent to other companies and will definitely continue to do that.

Lee G, July 2016


When you add payments into Salesforce, you empower your front office team – sales, customer service, call center agents – to serve customers better and capture revenue faster.

With Chargent, you can embed payments on any screen in Salesforce, right where your team works. Instead of having to use a different system, or sending requests for billing to a separate department, they can now take payments directly in their Salesforce workflow.

Your team can enter a customer’s credit card or bank account details and click a button, securely tokenizing the payment details, and capturing the approval or funds instantly. And problems with data entry or declined cards can be identified immediately while the customer is still on the phone, resulting in faster resolution and quicker revenue collection.


By adding payments to Salesforce, you enable powerful process automation around the financial relationship with your customers. Salesforce Email templates, Flows, Process Builder and Workflow can all be used to customize and automate processes.

Reduce your team’s manual work, and improve customer satisfaction at the same time. Automate emails, order processing, and failed payment handling, while maintaining the personal touch where it counts with assigned tasks for phone calls. When they are able to focus just on high touch activities, with standard processes automated, your team can deliver even better service.

And with Chargent’s Automated Collections add-on module, you can automate the handling of failed or missed payments. Enable automatic retries and customer emails with payment links at a cadence you set. Get the analytics to see what works best so you can optimize the process. You collect a larger percentage of your receivables, while customers enjoy quick communication and the convenience of updating payment methods at the click of a link.


Salesforce has grown from a Sales CRM to a large platform, with many powerful capabilities (as well as significant costs). Adding payments increases the value your organization receives from your Salesforce investment.

Adding payments to Salesforce helps maximize the return on your Salesforce investment. You will see better user adoption, improved reporting from having payments in the same system as your customer data, and new automation options for order management, collections, and more.

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