Salesforce Subscription Billing Software from Chargent

Like many software companies, we’re big fans of drinking our own champagne.

And while our champagne is pretty delicious, the technology and SaaS space is not without its pain points for subscription-based businesses. We get it (because we live it).

In the video below, we take a peek behind the curtain for a look at how Chargent has tackled some common software industry challenges by making subscription billing simple for our customers – and ourselves.

Across every industry, the top priorities of every subscription business are essentially the same:

  • Establish predictable recurring revenue
  • Reduce churn

  • Minimize involuntary churn

  • Build long-term customer relationships

At Chargent, we approach every recurring payment as an opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty – or provide them with an off-ramp.

We make sure it’s the former by tackling these four common recurring billing challenges with a simple, scalable subscription payments solution (our own!) – that works right in Salesforce, where our customer data already lives.

Easily Bill Your Customers

The first rule of subscriptions is not actually never talk about subscriptions. It’s much simpler – bill your customers on a regular basis.

When AppFrontier acquired Chargent, our customers were all charged on a monthly cycle. This created a lot of work for us and our customers – and that’s why we now bill annually.

That’s what works for us. But maybe your customers prefer the flexibility of monthly payments. To get subscriptions right, you have to bill your customers on a schedule that makes sense for your business. A customizable subscription billing solution, like Chargent’s, makes it easy to do that.

Securely Capture Payment Information

When you have a customer ready to sign on the dotted line, doesn’t it make sense to capture payment simultaneously?

Our Payment Request feature solves that challenge, allowing us to send an email and have our customers pay with the click of a button.

We also like this process from a PCI perspective, because it means they never have to give us their credit card numbers. Storing credit card information is a big risk, one that we avoid by using tokenization.

Seamless Tech for Billing at Scale

Using our own tools to take Salesforce payments everywhere, we have scaled our business with a relatively small team.

Our customer and payment data are seamlessly integrated, so our team can focus on growth – not on struggling with silos.

Failed Payments Are Inevitable, but Don’t Have to Cost You Customers

Failed payments add up quickly to lost revenue and even lost customers. It shouldn’t be a lot of work to pay for a service or product that you value, and failed payments are a common cause of involuntary churn.

We save time – and customer relationships – by automating our collections process, using our Automated Collections feature to easily handle failed payments, minimize impact to our customers, and reduce manual work for our team.

Ready for a glass of our champagne? Learn more about subscription and recurring billing with Chargent and Salesforce, or get started today.