Salesforce International Payments and Currencies

Accept payments globally from inside Salesforce with Chargent’s integrations to 30+ international payment gateways. Salesforce and Chargent also support payments in more than 150 currencies.

Multi-Currency Payments in Salesforce

Take advantage of three levels of global payment processing capabilities with Salesforce and Chargent. Currency options vary by payment gateway, but the three different levels include:

  1. Charge credit cards worldwide in your company’s local currency
  2. Charge credit cards worldwide in the customer’s local currency and convert to your company’s local currency during settlement
  3. Charge credit cards worldwide in the customer’s local currency and settle in that local currency to your company’s bank account in that country

1. Your Currency

For all Payment Gateways that Chargent integrates with, your customers can be anywhere in the world. You can accept credit cards inside Salesforce and charge/settle in your local currency in your Merchant Account (level 1).

2. Customer’s Currency with Conversion

You have the option of charging customers in their local currency, and settling in your local currency (level 2) with many of our international payment gateways like CyberSource, Worldpay and Stripe. This means that your customers pay in their local currency, but your payment gateway converts the transaction to your currency before transferring the money to your bank account.

Additional currency support beyond the currency you are settling in is included in Salesforce via Chargent’s Currency settings and fields. You will generally need to have accounts set up with your payment gateway for each currency that you wish to accept payments in, as well as supporting web site / sales materials displaying each currency.

3. No Conversion

To charge and settle in foreign currencies, in most cases your company must be registered with premises and a bank account in each country whose currency you wish to settle transactions in (level 3). In this case, no currency conversion occurs. Due to the logistics of having offices / banking relationships in multiple countries, generally only larger multinational companies or nonprofits would process payments in this way.

This is by far the most flexible and dependable payment solution on the AppExchange – with the largest range of Payment Gateway options that I have worked with to date.

Chris G, December 2015

Other International Payment Types for Salesforce

ACH / eCheck / Direct Debit capabilities are available through many of Chargent’s payment gateways in some countries, but transaction types and support vary widely between geographies.

Most of Chargent’s payment gateway connections for Salesforce offer ACH support in the US and Canada, and several of our Australian payment gateways offer Direct Debit.

Note that all of these types of bank transfers work within the same country only, and are not cross-border.

For more information on accepting payments worldwide directly from Salesforce, please contact us.