Get the latest and greatest version of Chargent without lifting a finger.

We’ve heard from many of you that you want to run a more up-to-date version of Chargent without the additional work of manually updating. We’ve been working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Starting in 2023, we began rolling out push updates to groups of customers using Chargent version 6.15 and above.


Be sure to take advantage of new features and enhancements that will allow you to drive more revenue for your organization with less effort.

We’re excited to share that Chargent is moving to the SaaS industry standard of push updates.

Starting in 2023, we began rolling out push updates to customers to ensure everyone is on the most recent version of Chargent. This change provides the following benefits:

Faster Feature Access

Get the latest enhancements promptly, giving your business a competitive edge.

Enhanced Security

Security updates will keep your financial data and your customers’ information secure.

Payment Gateway Integrations

New gateway integrations and updates will expand your payment processing options.

Push Update Timeline

We aim to update all customers to the latest and greatest version of Chargent following each major Salesforce release. This means your org will be push updated three times yearly, following the Spring, Summer, and Winter Salesforce releases.

Below is our current push update schedule following all major Salesforce releases.

Individual notifications will be emailed to each customer prior to updating your org.

What’s Next?

In preparation for this change, you have a couple of options.

Helpful Resources

We’ve compiled some resources to help you get ready for this change. Whether you want to update to the current version of Chargent today or wait and let us do the work for you, we are here to help.

Steps to Updating
Learn how to update and configure Chargent.
Update from a Sandbox
Learn how to update your Chargent packages in a Sandbox in minutes.
Initiate Update
Ready to update? Launch the Chargent update process here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included some of the most commonly asked questions related to push updates below, but please feel free to contact us if your question isn’t covered. We’re always happy to help!

Yes, all active Sandbox and Production orgs will receive push updates. 

Sandbox orgs will be updated 1-2 weeks after a major Salesforce release. One week after sandbox orgs are updated, a small handful of production orgs will be updated. The remaining orgs will be updated the following week.

Not at this time. We recommend that Chargent customers update Sandboxes manually via the Package Installation Manager (PIM) following each end-of-the-month release.

See our Release Notes for more information.

We aim to release a Chargent update monthly; however, the cadence can vary. The latest release notes can always be found on our website. Customers who have not opted out of Chargent emails will also receive an email overview of the latest release.

Chargent push updates will happen three times per year. We will initiate a push update about 1-2 weeks after each of the three major Salesforce releases.

Releases generally take place on the last Tuesday of every month, with the exception of December, when the release will take place the following Tuesday. Push updates will not occur for every release.

See our Release Notes for more information.

Customers will receive a week-of notification email prior to a push update. You can generally expect a push update to occur shortly after a major Salesforce release. 

If you have previously opted out of Chargent emails, contact us to ensure you receive push update notifications.

On the scheduled date(s), your org will receive an update, but the time of day depends on the variable speed at which Salesforce processes the update groups. 

If you would like control over the time and date of the update, you can update Chargent using the Package Installation Manager (PIM) at your convenience.

There should be no downtime associated with the push update. To ensure that there are no issues with the process, we recommend updating your Sandbox and testing Chargent prior to your Production org’s push update.

Yes, Partners with active licenses will also be updated.

Push updates will only be pushed to orgs with an active Chargent Base package installed.

We do not yet have defined plans to push update Chargent Terminal, Chargent for Commerce Cloud, Chargent for Salesforce Billing, or Accept Card Payments packages. For now, only Chargent Base, Chargent Orders, and Chargent Terminal packages will be included in push updates.

We strongly recommend that all customers migrate to Chargent Orders. Chargent Cases and Chargent Opportunity packages are no longer supported, so they are not eligible for the latest important security updates. We strongly urge all customers to migrate off Case and Opportunities now.

The following three packages are included in push updates:

  • Base – The Chargent Base package is the core of the Chargent application.
  • Orders – With Chargent Orders, your organization enables recurring billing, scheduled payments, installment payments, and historical transaction tracking.
  • AnywhereChargent Anywhere lets you take payments from every page and object in Salesforce. See Chargent Anywhere for more information.

We believe that it is our job to continue innovating and creating a better product with each and every release. Chargent Anywhere has become a defining feature of the Chargent product and it is currently included in our push updates and manual updates via the Package Installation Manager (PIM) for all customers.

There are a few reasons why you may not have been updated on your scheduled push update.

  • We have different update groups based on various criteria, and you may be scheduled for a later date.
  • An error may be preventing you from updating. We recommend attempting to update using the Package Installation Manager (PIM), which may solve the issue. If not, the error message you receive can help you troubleshoot. We’ve compiled a short list of Error Messages and Resolutions that will help you resolve the issue quickly.
  • Your org’s data storage limits may have been exceeded. See Data storage limit exceeded for more information.
  • We have identified an issue related to a specific feature and have excluded customers who have activated the feature.
  • Our push update schedule is tentative, and we will reschedule if necessary.

While your org won’t be included in the initial phase of push updates, you can update your org manually. Please see Updating Chargent from an Older Version for a list of any considerations related to your version.

While uncommon, if you experience any errors that prevent you from updating, we’ve compiled a short list of Error Messages and Resolutions that will help you resolve the issue quickly. 

Please contact customer support if your issue is not listed.

If only one of your packages was updated (typically Base), you may experience transaction errors in your org. In this case, an error is likely blocking you from updating.

We recommend attempting to update using the Package Installation Manager (PIM), which may solve the issue. If not, you will receive an error message that can help you troubleshoot. We’ve compiled a short list of Error Messages and Resolutions that will help you resolve the issue quickly.

If you rely heavily on custom code, please ensure you test adequately in a Sandbox prior to your push update. If you’d like support with your custom solution, we recommend contacting one of our implementation partners.

Adding custom code that interacts with Chargent’s packages and/or Experience Cloud Sites is an advanced modification that falls outside the scope of Chargent’s support. For more information, see Does Chargent support custom code?

We develop push update release versions to maintain consistency and ensure stability for all customers. Push updates will occur 3x yearly, following the three major Salesforce releases. There will be several releases between each push update. You are always welcome to update via the Package Installation Manager (PIM) to take advantage of the latest and greatest Chargent features.