Every Payment Optimized.

Keep processing fees low, reduce IT overhead, and increase your authorization rates by automating payment gateway routing for every payment – right in your Salesforce org. Your call center staff will resolve issues faster, and your online orders will be processed using the optimal gateway every time.

Increase Authorization Rates

Remove barriers to completing payments by ensuring the right payment gateway is used for each transaction based on your business rules. Avoid volume limits, ensure compliance, and get cash into your account quicker.

Reduce Processing Fees

Keep gateway fees low by routing payments to the most cost-efficient gateway for every transaction.

Avoid Transaction Limits

Route transactions to gateways based on transactional volume, ensuring no single gateway’s limits are exceeded.

Simplify Billing Calls

Empower your call center staff to resolve billing calls in record time, by removing the step of manually selecting the appropriate gateway.

Expand Your Reach

Expand your sellable regions by allowing Chargent to dynamically select the right gateway based on buyer location for each payment in real time.

Common Use Cases

Smart Payment Routing intelligently selects the most cost-effective and efficient payment channel, so you can address common payment processing pain points. Be inspired by the use cases below to see how Chargent can work for you.


Get answers to get started with Smart Payment Routing right away.

No! Smart Payment Routing is a low-code solution using Salesforce Flow.

A savvy Salesforce administrator can configure and deploy Smart Payment Routing in your org today with Salesforce Flow. Here’s how it works:

  1. Edit the included Smart Payment Routing Flow template to define your routing rules
  2. Launch our Smart Payment Routing wizard, where you will select and test your Flow
  3. Once your tests have passed, set it as the Default Flow in the wizard, and activate it.

We’re glad you asked! See the use cases above to read about how businesses use Smart Payment Routing to solve some of their thorniest payment processing issues.

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