Take Payments in Person –

And Manage the Transactions in Salesforce

Chargent Terminal is the top Salesforce credit card machine solution

  • Reduce card processing fees
  • Take payments via card and smart phone face-to-face
  • Powered by a modern smart terminal
  • Supports swipe, tap, chip, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay

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Trusted by Satisfied Customers Since 2008

My client was in search of a Credit Card Chip Reader solution as they since they were migrating off of old card swipers and their current payment product. In doing research, Chargent Terminal seemed to a great fit. The whole process of implementation from cradle to grave was seamless and simple. Very easy setup and configuration for users of any type. Looking at the use of the product my clients had a comparison of their existing payment solution against Chargent, and hands down they have said that Chargent is far more intuitive and has made their lives in processing payments extremely simpler.

Arnold C, July 2020
Chargent Terminal POS system for Salesforce