Unlock data and leverage insights.

We’re proud to be listed alongside other leaders for this exciting evolution of the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform.

As you’re thinking about 360-degree customer views, implementing Data Cloud, or wondering how you’re going to manage data across multiple systems seamlessly, Chargent is Salesforce’s chosen payment partner in this exciting new network.

Contact us to see how we can help your organization unlock new data and insights from your tech stack.

Zero Copy Partner Network

What does it mean for you?

By leveraging Data Cloud and the tools available from Chargent and the other Zero Copy Partner Network members, you can:

  • Quickly capture and leverage third party data directly in Salesforce without contributing to your storage costs
  • Use 3rd party data in your Salesforce workflows to improve efficiencies and achieve growth goals
  • Achieve a clearer, complete view of your customer 

What is the Zero Copy Partner Network?

At its core, the purpose of the Zero Copy Partner Network is to enhance data sharing across multiple Salesforce orgs while adhering to best practices in data security and privacy. 

Instead of duplicating data every time a partner needs access, the network streamlines the viewing process. This means partners can view data in real-time without possessing a copy of the source data. Not only does this approach eliminate redundancies, but it also ensures a consistent and up to date data repository for every entity within the Salesforce network.

Zero Copy Partner Network Members
Zero Copy Partner Network Members

What is zero copy?

Zero copy enables IT teams to access data across multiple locations while automatically, resulting in lower storage costs while maintaining security and performance.

In other words, it streamlines how businesses access and use customer data, eliminating the need for customized integrations and complicated data pipelines when transferring data between Salesforce and external data sources, and vice versa.

In a nutshell, it gives you quicker access to data in multiple places – where you need it – and doesn’t impact your data usage and storage costs.

Chargent APIs

360-degree Customer View

While you work to leverage data from multiple systems – including critical payment data – in order to drive a complete 360-degree customer view, reach out to Chargent as the payments partner in Salesforce’s Zero Copy Partner Network.. Ensure you can directly access and utilize live data, ensuring real-time updates without the need for data replication so you can unlock data from the entire customer view to unlock data and action on new insights.