Salesforce Subscription Billing

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Salesforce Subscription Billing

Today, more and more companies are selling their products and services on a subscription basis. This creates longer term value, more predictable revenue, and a tighter connection between company and customer.

But managing the subscription billing and payments can be complicated. Most solutions require complex billing systems which are expensive, difficult to implement, and often lack flexibility. The promise of subscription billing can be derailed by the difficulty of actually collecting the revenue reliably.

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce is a lightweight payments and billing application that lives 100% inside of Salesforce, and can add recurring or installment payments to any business process. With Chargent, you manage your customer subscription payments and recurring billing on the same Salesforce screen where you manage their contact information and other details.

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Recurring Billing Embedded in Salesforce

Chargent embeds subscription billing fields right into the Opportunity, Case or Chargent Order record in Salesforce. No need to use a separate billing platform with its own interface and learning curve. And switching systems or duplicating data entry into a virtual terminal is a thing of the past. Take real-time payments in Salesforce at the click of a button, as well as set a recurring billing schedule going forward.

All of the past transactions can be seen in the Salesforce customer record, including any declined payments, and the total amount each customer has paid. Depending on how you choose to configure access in Salesforce, the subscription billing information can be useful to Sales, customer service, and others in your organization.

Total Subscription Control

There is a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of the mechanics of how you want your recurring billing to happen with Chargent.

  • Credit Cards or ACH
  • Subscription or installment plans
  • Unending billing, or stop after a certain number of payments, on a certain date, or when the balance due is $0
  • 9 Different recurring time periods - Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Semiannual, Annual, Biennial
  • Timing - Synced to the same day each period, or based on the previous transaction date
  • Varying amounts can be populated via a trigger


Salesforce Recurring Billing with Chargent

Plus in most cases you won't need to change your merchant account provider. Chargent already integrates with more than 19+ different payment gateways --, Chase, Stripe, PayPal's Payflow, Cybersource and more.

Recurring payments go directly from your Salesforce account to your payment processor. Chargent just manages the logic for you in Salesforce, so we do not take additional fees on your subscription charges (in fact, we can't see your transactions unless you grant us access to your Salesforce account).

Interested in learning more about managing subscription billing in Salesforce? Contact us today for a personal demo and discussion of options to streamline your recurring payment business processes.

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