Salesforce POS

Use Cases for Chargent:
Salesforce Point of Sale (POS) System

Using Salesforce? Want to be able to take payments from customers right on the same screen where you manage their contact information and other details?

With Chargent you can embed payment processing into Salesforce, and accept payments in real time wherever your customers are. No switching between systems, duplicate data entry, or other hassles.

Chargent is a payments application embedded in Salesforce, not a Point of Sale Cash register where physical cards can be swiped, and does not manage inventory.

But many customers use it as a POS when interacting with clients -- credit card and ACH payments can be taken with the click of a button in Salesforce, eCommerce websites can be connected to process payments through Salesforce with Chargent, past purchases can be viewed, subscriptions updated, and much more.

New! Chargent Terminal: Salesforce Integrated POS

Chargent Terminal connects retail payments to Salesforce via a modern smart terminal. Now you can accept credit card or smartphone payments via mobile terminal as part of any Salesforce workflow.

  • Take in person payments via card and smartphone
  • Modernize your retail payment terminals
  • Eliminate silos with all customer and payment data in Salesforce

Salesforce credit card payment on tablet

Retail POS is Changing

The distinction between physical and digital retailing are breaking down. Retailers selling through both ecommerce web sites and in physical stores are now the norm rather than the exception.

If you are selling in both worlds, you need a holistic view of your customer, including purchases and payments both in-store and online. And with the Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce app added to your Salesforce account, you can not only access that data but seamlessly process new sales -- in person, online, or on the phone -- right in Salesforce.

Salesforce POS Industries

Chargent is present as the payment point of sale system inside Salesforce in a wide variety of different retail and service businesses. Healthclubs and personal training franchises are a major category, as well as other retail businesses that are offering subscription-based options, such as pet food and household goods.

In addition, a number of luxury clothing and cosmetic companies are using Chargent and Salesforce to deliver the personalized service and unified experience that customers expect, whether they are purchasing online, in store or a combination of both. Salespeople have all the information they need to deliver a high level of service to repeat customers, with everything from purchase history and stored payment methods to personal tastes right in Salesforce with Chargent.

Luxury clothing POS Salesforce

And with Chargent, the sales transaction data is already updated with the latest purchases and customer contact information, regardless of the channel, for use by other parts of the company instantly. No more waiting for manual reporting or updates to marketing data.

Finally, many retailers selling globally take advantage of Chargent's prebuilt integration between Salesforce and 19+ payment gateways, offering unique payment options and the capability to transact in multiple currencies for customers worldwide.

See for yourself what Chargent can do as your Salesforce Point of Sale system. Install a 30 day trial, or contact us today for more information.

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