Customer Service Payments in Salesforce

Use Cases for Chargent:
Customer Service Payment Processing

When you have an opportunity to interact one-on-one with a customer, you want to not only deliver an exceptional customer experience, but sometimes you may want to empower your staff to find opportunities to increase revenue. By integrating Chargent with Salesforce, you can give your customer service or technical support teams the opportunity to initiate payments while on the phone with a customer, without having to exit Salesforce.

Chargent works directly with the Cases component of your Salesforce CRM platform, and allows your customer service staff to directly initiate payment with a simple click of a button. If you’ve been encouraging your team to upsell products, supplies, parts out of warranty or premium support plans, a smooth transition within Salesforce can make the process faster and less cumbersome for your team and your customers.

The Chargent application can embed payment processing fields and buttons directly into the Salesforce Case records so your customer service team has easy access. Your team can document all of the necessary billing details, including fees and payment details, plus you are able to accept credit card, debit card, or ACH (echeck) payments directly from Salesforce using one of more than 20 different payment gateways.

Improved Customer Experience

When your customer service team has access in Salesforce to a client’s payment options, they are able to review a customer’s situation and advise on other options better suited to the customer’s needs without having to access a different system. Chargent allows you to see and set payment options from Salesforce, including how a customer is invoiced (paper, email etc), when they are invoiced (immediately, authorization only, scheduled etc) and how they pay (credit card, debit card, or echeck). If a customer has concerns with their current process, a customer service agent has easy access to change the process to something better suited to the customer’s needs, all without leaving Salesforce. Customer service agents who use Chargent in conjunction with Salesforce, can also set scheduled installment payment options or accept a one-time payment for outstanding or new purchases, giving better options to the customer and an improved customer service experience.

Use Case Customer Service

Instant Billing for Premium Support

One of the important benefits of Salesforce, is a support team member’s ability to see the case history of a customer. When your tech team finds an opportunity to recommend premium support for a high-needs customer, Chargent gives them the ability to manage the payment process directly from Salesforce. Your tech support team can easily negotiate premium support services while working with a customer and simply enter the new fees and payment information directly from the Salesforce Case for the call. This gives your team a quick way to offer your customers’ additional services, and your customers experience an efficient process to purchase and pay for what they need. They don’t have to speak with a separate billing department or process a payment offline via paper check to get the help they need.

Encourage Upselling

A good customer service team is able to identify opportunities for upselling customers with additional products or services. While on the phone with a customer, an agent can process a new sale or upgrade while in Salesforce to log the customer Case. Chargent embeds buttons within Salesforce that makes it a one-click process for an agent to process an additional sale and initiate payment, or simply authorize a card to validate the payment details for a later billing process.

By using Chargent with Salesforce, your customer service agents can see transaction history for the customers they are interacting with. This allows them to see subscriptions, memberships or other cyclical purchases that are coming due and they can initiate a renewal purchase and payment process without leaving Salesforce.

Chargent also gives you the ability to create customized Salesforce flows specific to your business that includes an integrated payment function. Your Salesforce developers can build a custom interface for your call center agents to walk them through a process, only show them the required fields, or limit them to authorizations for later processing by accounting, for example.

Seamless Repair and Parts Payments

When your team log calls into a Salesforce Case related to warranty work or repair requests, you want to give them the opportunity to manage the entire process directly and quickly. Your warranty agents can identify the correct replacement parts or services, authorize payment via credit card, debit card, or eCheck, and arrange for shipment, all without leaving Salesforce. There is also an opportunity to upsell express delivery of replacement parts and manage the billing process directly. This can dramatically improve the customer experience and your back-office efficiency if payment for out-of-warranty parts, or you wish to keep an authorized card on file in case defective parts are not returned after the replacements have been shipped.

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