Salesforce Call Center Payments

Use Cases for Chargent:
Salesforce Call Center Payments

If you are using Salesforce to manage your call center agents or inside sales team, adding payment capabilities to Salesforce can help you increase revenue and reduce billing issues.

No more needing to switch systems or send orders to another department -- your agents can now take credit card payments directly in Salesforce at the click of a button.

Many companies using Salesforce for their contact centers are discovering the advantages of adding in payment processing functionality to Salesforce. Phone sales teams for advertising services, call centers for hardware manufacturers, even the customer service teams of many leading web sites are just some of the types of groups seeing major productivity enhancements and faster revenue collection.

Salesforce Call Center Agents

The Key Add-on: Chargent

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce is an application that embeds payment processing functionality directly in Salesforce. Call center agents or phone sales staff can take a customer's billing details while on a call, enter them into Salesforce, and then click a button and get an immediate popup with the result of the attempted charge or authorization.

Because Chargent is 100% Salesforce native and fully customizable, you can use Salesforce's powerful features to customize the call center payment experience. For example, sales agents could authorize a card before an order is shipped, and the shipment record starts an automated process in Salesforce to later capture the payment. Or call center reps could take an initial deposit from a customer while on the phone, and activate a payment plan schedule to automatically bill the customer on a predefined schedule.

Chargent embeds payment processing fields in the Salesforce Opportunity, Case, or Chargent Order (custom) record for flexibility in many call center and sales applications. Billing details, amounts and more can be automatically populated, and payments are accepted via credit card, debit card, or ACH (echeck) through more than 16 different payment processing gateways.

Fewer Declined Card Hassles

With Chargent in Salesforce, call center agents can attempt charges and authorizations of a customer's credit card in real time. At the click of a button they get a popup window with the response from the payment processor, telling the agent if the transaction was approved, declined, or if there were some other issue.

Knowing immediately whether a card was good, whether the number was entered incorrectly, or other issue such as a debit card without enough funds or a credit card over its limit accelerates your sales operations, and delivers a better customer experience. Corrections can be made immediately on the phone, or the customer can provide a different credit card -- no need to create a job for your billing department, or for the customer to get multiple attempts to contact them at a later date.

Salesforce Payment Approved Popup

Faster Revenue Collection

With Chargent Payment Processing embedded in Salesforce, you can add payment collection to any process your call center, sales, or customer service agents handle. Credit Card or ACH funds can be instantly collected at the click of the "Charge" button, or payment details and funds availability can be verified with the "Authorize" button, to be captured later by your finance team or upon shipment of merchandise. Refunds and Credits are also just a click away for a customer service or billing supervisor.

In addition, with Chargent's Payment Request functionality, call center staff can enter the billing details and amounts, and send a customized email to the customer, for them to click through and enter their payment details online. Those transactions then instantly update the related records in Salesforce.

Empower Upsells and Payment Plans

Adding payment capabilities to your call center's Salesforce interface empowers them to upsell more products, all of which they can seamlessly process while still on the phone with a customer. And with a flexible Salesforce system that can be customized to handle multiple frequencies and installments, offering your customers specialized payment plans is easier than ever.

You can even create customized Salesforce flows and embed Chargent payment functionality in visualforce pages to hide the Salesforce UI and create a call center agent experience uniquely tailored to your business needs.

Improved Security

Salesforce's very granular security model carries over to applications such as Chargent that run inside it. So not only can you grant your call center access to process payments in Salesforce, but you can do it with better security controls than legacy systems.

Salesforce user profiles and field / object permissions allow you to define exactly what your call center agents can access, and also keep a log of all agent actions and changes that were made. Security is generally greatly improved over granting a few call center agents access to a virtual terminal login, or using a separate payment system that is unlikely to have been designed with the hierarchical security levels of Salesforce.

You can also choose whether to store account numbers in encrypted fields in Salesforce, or use our Payment Console feature to lower your PCI compliance scope -- call center agents can authorize, charge, or just obtain a token for future payments all without ever saving account numbers to Salesforce.

Don't wait any longer to see how payment processing in Salesforce can transform your call center's operational efficiency and drive more revenue. Contact us today for a demo tailored to your specific needs.

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