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Chargent Release Notes

Date Description
March 27, 2019 Chargent Anywhere - Payment Enable any Object in Salesforce (CA Version 1.25) Release Notes PDF
February 13, 2019 CyberSource Order Source to SEC Code Mapping for ACH (Version 5.59)
September 10, 2018 API Enhancements for Form Assembly Conector, New Gateway Button launches Wizard (Version 5.55)
July 31, 2018 New Payment Gateway Setup Wizard (Version 5.50)
June 25, 2018 New Country Mapping Feature, PayTrace Payment Gateway native integration, Transaction Sync feature added to (Version 5.45)
April 30, 2018 Set default payment method for Payment Console / Payment Request, PayPal Payflow Pro integration enhancements (Version 5.40)
March 16, 2018 Currency functionality enhancements, Lightning Action for Credit, new Vantiv Sandbox endpoint (Version 5.35)
March 1, 2018 Unresolved Transactions UI, New Country Mapping Feature, Forte integration improvements (Version 5.30)
December 22, 2017 Card Security Code UI enhancements, gateway integration enhancements (Version 5.20)
August 16, 2017 SecureCo Payment Gateway Integration, new Vantiv endpoints (Version 5.10)
July 28, 2017 Chargent Lighting Ready, EPX Payment Gateway Integration, improved Response Message display (Version 5.0)
June 30, 2017 BlueSnap Payment Gateway Integration (Version 4.95)
May 22, 2017 Custom setting for Chargent Batch Size, API version updates (Version 4.90)
April 28, 2017 Braintree Transaction Status Sync, Ezidebit Gateway integration (CC & Direct Debit) (Version 4.85)
February 17, 2017 FatZebra Gateway integration, Merchant Warriror Gateway integration (Version 4.76)
January 9, 2017 TransactPro Gateway integration, duplicate window setting (Version 4.67)
11/29/2016 Planet Payment Gateway integration, Stripe ACH Support, USAePay ACH Status Sync (Version 4.60)
10/12/2016 VeriPay Payment Gateway integration (Version 4.51)
09/02/2016 CyberSource Custom Mapping Tool, Auth Only Option in Payment Request (Version 4.45)
08/08/2016 Moduslink Payment Gateway integration, improved Credits, Currency capabilities (Version 4.40)
07/08/2016 Automated Chargent Admin Email Address, Sandbox endpoint security, CyberSource integration updates (Version 4.35)
06/10/2016 ACH refunds and $0 Authorization updates, improvements & bug fixes (Version 4.30)
06/01/2016 New & CyberSource Endpoints, improvements & bug fixes (Version 4.25)
05/06/2016 New AvidiaPay / linked2pay payment gateway, Refund and Partial Refund Improvements (Version 4.20)
04/08/2016 Payment Request, Tokenization improvements (Version 4.10)
02/02/2016 Authorization logic, Account Updater improvements (Version 3.95)
01/06/2016 Payflow Pro Profile ID Support (Version 3.86)
12/21/2015 Improvements to Currency handling, Payment Request (Version 3.80)
11/24/2015 Braintree Payment Gateway Integration, Payment Request ACH / eCheck capability (Version 3.70)
11/10/2015 Miscellaneous fixes & improvements (Version 3.65)
10/23/2015 CyberSource Batch Upload, Bug fixes & improvements (Version 3.60)
10/8/2015 CIM (tokenization), new email templates, LATAM Diner's Club support (Version 3.55)
9/28/2015 Forte Payment Gateway Integration, Updated Payment Request open source pages (Version 3.50)
8/31/2015 AstroPay Payment Gateway integration, new Reports, List Views, error alerts (Version 3.40)
7/2/2015 iATS Payments Gateway integration, Account Updater improvements (Version 3.20)
6/23/2015 Cybersource ACH tokenization, ACH Partial Refund, Available Card Types (Version 3.15)
5/26/2015 Cybersource Integration improvements, Copy Billing Address Trigger (Version 3.0)
5/13/2015 Integration improvements: eWay, USAePay, Merchant e-Solutions (Version 2.95)
4/29/2015 New Payment Gateway eWay, Chargent Receipting (Version 2.92)
4/14/2015 Improved $0 Auth logic, and Chase integration updates (Version 2.86)
3/29/2015 Card Status Indicator, Card Last 4, Chargent Receipting (Version 2.80)
3/11/2015 Tokenization for Chase ACH, Moneris ACH, bug fixes (Version 2.75)
2/6/2015 Multi-currency support integration enhancements (Version 2.72)
1/19/2015 Feature enhancements and bug fixes (Version 2.68)
1/2/2015 Credits (Send Payments on USAePay), Payment Console enhancements (Version 2.67)
12/23/2014 PayU Gateway Integration, Billing Address Automation (Version 2.66)
12/10/2014 Configuration Console, new Account Updater feature, Payflow Tokenization (Version 2.63)
09/19/2014 Base: New Feature: Clear CCV2 Code field, bug fixes (Version 2.19)
09/19/2014 Chargent Orders: New Feature: Clear CCV2 Code field, bug fixes (Version 2.55)
09/19/2014 Cases: New Feature: Clear CCV2 Code field, bug fixes (Version 2.55)
09/19/2014 Opportunties: New Feature: Clear CCV2 Code field, bug fixes(Version 2.55)
09/04/2014 Chargent Orders: Accounting Seed, Payment Console improvements (Version 2.54)
09/04/2014 Cases: Accounting Seed, Payment Console improvements (Version 2.54)
09/04/2014 Opportunties: Accounting Seed, Payment Console improvements (Version 2.54)
09/04/2014 Base: Tokenization, USAePay improvements (Version 2.17)
08/29/2014 Chargent Orders: Payment Console, bug fixes and improvements (Version 2.52)
08/29/2014 Cases: Payment Console, bug fixes and improvements (Version 2.52)
08/29/2014 Opportunties: Payment Console, bug fixes and improvements (Version 2.52)
08/28/2014 Base: New Payment Gateway: Cybersource (Version 2.15)
08/19/2014 Chargent Orders: Batch Processing enhancements (Version 2.50)
08/05/2014 Chargent Orders: Tokenization enhancements (Version 2.46)
08/05/2014 Cases: Tokenization enhancements (Version 2.34)
08/05/2014 Base: PayPal Payflow Pro enhancements (Version 2.11)
07/23/2014 Opportunities: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.46)
07/23/2014 Chargent Orders: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.45)
07/23/2014 Cases: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.33)
07/15/2014 Base: Moneris Vault Tokenization, Merchant e-Solutions native integration (Version 2.10)
07/15/2014 Chargent Orders: Orders object renamed Chargent Orders (Version 2.44)
07/08/2014 Base: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.0)
07/08/2014 Opportunities: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.44)
06/27/2014 Opportunities: Payment Request enhancements (Version 2.41)
06/27/2014 Orders: New Payment Request feature (Version 2.29)
06/27/2014 Cases: New Payment Request feature (Version 2.32)
06/13/2014 Base: New Payment Request feature, enhancements (Version 1.1008)
06/13/2014 Opportunities: New Payment Request feature (Version 2.39)
05/11/2014 Base: New Payment Gateway: USAePay, enhancements (Version 1.1003)
03/13/2014 Base: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 1.997)
03/13/2014 Cases: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.28)
03/13/2014 Orders: Bug fixes and enhancements (Version 2.27)
02/28/2014 Base: Updated Barclaycard ePDQ Integration (Version 1.995)
01/15/2014 Base: New Help Tabs, Testing Sites (Version 1.992)
01/15/2014 Cases: Accounting Seed Integration (Version 2.26)
01/15/2014 Orders Package: Accounting Seed Integration (Version 2.25)
01/15/2014 Opportunities: Accounting Seed Integration (Version 2.28)
11/22/2013 Base: Addition of Stripe Payment Gateway support (Version 1.987)
11/22/2013 Cases: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 2.25)
11/22/2013 Orders: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 2.24)
11/22/2013 Opportunities: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 2.27)
08/12/2013 Cases: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 2.24)
08/12/2013 Orders: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 2.23)
08/12/2013 Opportunities: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 2.26)
08/10/2013 Base: Additional fields, bug fixes (Version 1.983)
07/26/2013 Cases: Support for Tokenization (Version 2.23)
07/26/2013 Orders: Support for Tokenization (Version 2.22)
07/24/2013 Opportunities: Support for Tokenization (Version 2.25)
07/23/2013 Base: Bug Fixes, added support for Litle Automatic Account Updater (Version 1.981)
07/03/2013 Orders: Support for Tokenization (Version 2.20)
07/03/2013 Opportunities: Support for Tokenization (Version 2.22)
07/03/2013 Base: Added Realex as new Payment Gateway option (Version 1.97)
05/29/2013 Base: Bug Fixes, added Litle Tokenization (Version 1.92)
05/08/2013 Base: Added Litle as new Payment Gateway option (Version 1.30)
11/21/2012 Base Package Bug Fixes: Fix response code from unlinked credit transactions, update Gateway help text, new logo (Winter 2013, release 1.26)
Update and test all APEX classes against API 25.0 (Summer 2012)
Enable "Re-Parenting" of Transaction records (release 2.18)
Fix bug with monthly dates between System Time and Local Time. This would cause certain ORG calculations to have a date "drift" among monthly charges (Jan 5, Feb 6, Mar 7th).
General improvements for Spring 12 Release. Increased MOST text fields on Orders from 8 or 64 characters to 255 characters (or 175 for encrytped fields).
Develop Chargent "Flow Plug-ins" for the Visual Process Designer. Now includes Authorize, Void, Charge and Credit under the tag "Chargent" (Orders only)
Orders - Transaction insert will fail if Billing Zip Code > 12 characters. This can be recreated by entering a fully formatted phone number into the Zip Code field (fixed)
Added support for Moneris Canada (CA) and US gateways (released!)
Support for Unlinked Credits (create transaction first instead of error if no existing transactions)
A Refund will now create a clone of the existing transaction with Type "Refund" and Amount = Amount * -1 so that $50 becomes ($50). This will help the Total Transactions and Balance Due calculations. The "Invert Refund" workflow rule has been disabled accordingly.
If a recurring transaction finds an existing Authorization, it will perform a capture or "Charge" and update the existing transaction instead of generating an error. This means that users can first Authorize a card, then set a recurring schedule to start the following day without having to delete the authorization first.
When a recurring transaction is declined or results in an error, the Recurring checkbox will still be set to TRUE (checked)
Transaction Total (roll-up summary) now included Refunds

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