Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce PRESS RELEASE

Chargent Has Added USAePay as an Official Payment Gateway for Salesforce Users

USAePay Now An Official Gateway for Salesforce Members


Chargent Payment Processing, created by AppFrontier, is the only 100 percent Salesforce native credit card and ACH payment solution for a one time payment transaction or recurring billing. Chargent includes a pre-built integration with USAePay adding to its list of payment gateways. It also allows merchants to have complete control of their payments since it is directly incorporated in Salesforce, where the merchant's customer data is already stored.

As an official payment gateway, USAePay will provide Chargent users with constant security and fraud prevention under Level 1 PCI Compliance standards. Integrating with USAePay's payment gateway helps merchants using Chargent, to securely process payments. USAePay provides security protocols to Chargent users with a piece of mind that their customer's data is protected to the fullest amount available.

"The Chargent payment processing software and USAePay combine as a strong integrated payments solution for merchants," said David Hecht, Co-Founder of AppFrontier. "Now any merchant who uses Salesforce and USAePay can connect the two in just a few clicks, enabling real time payments, recurring billing and payment link emails directly from where their customer data lives -- Salesforce."

"AppFrontier's Chargent is the missing link between USAePay merchants and Salesforce payments," said Vlad Galyuz, USAePay's Vice President of Technology. "Chargent's PCI compliant integration of USAePay allows merchants to close sales opportunities within Salesforce. The flexible platform supports both traditional credit card transactions as well as ACH. AppFrontier's plugin meets USAePay merchant's need to effectively manage customers and their payments within one system. Available anywhere Salesforce is, our client's customer payments are secure, easy, and fully supported which is very exciting news."


About Chargent

Since 2009, Chargent® has been the choice of Salesforce administrators and developers who want to add payment integration to their business processes and customer data in Salesforce CRM. Chargent puts you in complete control of your credit card / ACH payment processing and recurring billing, managing everything 100% embedded in Salesforce where your customer data is stored, and includes pre-built integrations to payment gateways such as USAePay.


About USAePay

USAePay is a family-owned business based in Los Angeles, California. For more than 15 years, the company has been assisting merchants with payment processing solutions to fit their needs. USAePay's payment gateway supports most of the major platforms in the credit card industry and works with some of the leading check platforms. USAePay is pleased to work with most of the larger merchant service banks in the US and Canada. For more information, please visit avidiabank.com or call 866.USA.EPAY (872-3729).