Close the Loop on Quote-to-Cash

Easily connect your preferred payment gateway, and add flexible, digital payments to Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing in minutes.

Accelerate the Last Mile of Cash Collections

Automate the complete quote-to-cash process – and get paid faster.

  • Connect your existing payment provider in minutes
  • Take digital payments directly from Salesforce Billing invoices
  • No development required
  • Simple for your customers and finance team

Start Taking Digital Payments Now

Connect to 30+ Payment Gateways

All the power of Salesforce Billing, now with your gateway

Chargent for Salesforce Billing brings digital payments to the best-in-class billing app, connecting your payment gateway of choice with Salesforce Billing.

Take credit card, debit card or ACH payments directly from Salesforce Billing invoices for:

  • Quicker cash collection
  • Increase visibility
  • Improved tracking of your payments

Your Salesforce Admin can have you up and running in a matter of minutes – without expensive development or integration work.

Anywhere you want to be in Salesforce

Unlimited extensibility to tackle complex payments challenges

Take advantage of the full range of features that make Chargent the leader in Salesforce payments. Remove friction between your payments process and sales cycle by payment enabling any object inside Salesforce. You’ll get the simplicity of Chargent payments, along with all the sophistication of Salesforce Billing tools.

Empower Your Team to Take Payments:

Over the Phone
In Person
Payment Request Link
Payment success screen in Chargent for Salesforce Billing

Take payments directly from the Salesforce Billing pages your team works in. No separate interface means no need to spend time and money retraining your billing team.

And if you’re all in on automation, our Automated Collections add-on module can extend your Salesforce payments even further, giving you:

  • A completely customizable dunning process
  • Powerful analytics tools to refine your collections operations
  • Tighter control over your cash flow

Implementation Partners Choose Chargent

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Close the Loop on Quote-to-Cash

Accelerate the Last Mile of Cash Collections – and Get Paid Faster

Learn tips to:

  • Improve your invoice process
  • Offer payment methods your customers prefer
  • Automate payments and revenue recognition
  • Reduce PCI Scope

And more – in our free guide!

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