Improve your organization’s financial health.

Take payments everywhere in Salesforce – where your customer data lives – with streamlined, automated tools to help you collect more revenue and achieve bottom-line results. Rely on payment experts and world-class support to keep your payments compliant and secure, protecting your business and your customers.

Chargent for Salesforce Payments

Take payments anywhere in Salesforce

Payment-enable any page in your Salesforce org, allowing your staff to collect payments faster and with fewer steps.

payment gateway integrations

30+ Payment gateway integrations

More directly integrated payment gateways than any other Salesforce payment app – ready to go, out of the box.

payment gateway integrations

Empower your customers with self-service payments

Reduce the administrative burden of collecting payments by sending your customers secure payment links through email, text, or other media.

Set & forget recurring payments

Manage and automate recurring payments in Salesforce so you can better serve your customers and get paid faster.

Keep customer payments up-to-date

Automatically send a customizable email to your customers when their credit card is about to expire, allowing them to update their payment information and ensuring a seamless payment experience.

Protect your business and your customers

Securely tokenize credit card and bank account payment details without ever saving sensitive account information to Salesforce, significantly reducing your PCI compliance risk.

Add payments to your customer portal

Let customers and partners manage their account, view past invoices or receipts, and pay online through Salesforce by adding Chargent to your Salesforce Community. Robust self-service tools mean more revenue, faster service, and a better customer experience.

Collect more cash with less effort.

Improve your organization’s financial health by automating the capture of late or failed payments. Enjoy:

  • Faster revenue collection and instant payment resolution
  • Single-system visibility for both customer and payment data
  • Increased efficiency through intelligent automation
  • Improved security and reduced PCI compliance scope
  • Greater return on your Salesforce investment

Let us help you improve your payments efficiency (and volume!) in Salesforce.

Improve Your Payments Process

Automate your payments processes in Salesforce.

Gain visibility, streamline revenue collection, and improve data security by processing payments directly in Salesforce, where your customer data already lives, with customizable payment solutions from Chargent. Spend less time chasing late payments, and more time on revenue-generating tasks.

Trusted by satisfied customers since 2008

Chargent Customers
5 stars

Hear From Our Customers:

Chargent has simplified our billing needs substantially. We are able to charge hundreds of customers with ease while receiving timely support by the Chargent team whenever it is needed. Very satisfied!

Powell N, November, 2020

Chargent makes automating our monthly donor payments a snap. Top-notch, extremely responsive service. Thanks!

Amy K, October, 2021

I’m a SF Admin recently charged with preparing for the June 20′ release. I am extremely grateful for the support team at Chargent. I am very impressed with the thoroughness of monitoring their product with SF and the proactive approach to keeping ahead of the releases. Thank you Chargent!

Andrew K, May, 2020

My client was in search of a Credit Card Chip Reader solution as they were migrating off of old card swipers and their current payment product. In doing research, Chargent Terminal seemed to be a great fit. The whole process of implementation from cradle to grave was seamless and simple. My clients said that Chargent is far more intuitive and has made their lives in processing payments extremely simple.

Arnold C, July, 2020

We love that Chargent is entirely native to Salesforce and allows for a lot of customizations, such as complete control over email templates, invoices, receipts, etc. It makes it much easier in a heavily regulated field, Financial Services. The support quality alone is enough for me to fully endorse this company.

Financial Services, July, 2020

The Chargent product has streamlined our process for credit cards. Our customers and sales team find it easy to tokenize our credit card payments. Any questions are answered quickly by the customer support team. Chargent was the right partner for my company.

Maria C, October, 2020

We came across Chargent during our Salesforce implementation. We were having lots of issues with online payments. Chargent solved all our problems in an instance. Highly recommend this product for higher education institutes, especially TargetX CRM users.

Ahmet D, April, 2021

This is a great app that helps simplify receiving payments from most popular payment gateways and recording everything in Salesforce. I’m a consultant and set this up for a client who had a very custom requirement. Chargent support was very helpful in guiding me on the configuration.

Kaivalya K, July, 2020
Seamless app for integrating our donations into our Salesforce platform. Excellent and responsive customer service.
Kate G, February 2023

I implemented Chargent for an end customer because of the limitations on the current app that they were using. The Chargent APIs are super simple, the support staff was great and very responsive. We found a great partner in Chargent. The simplicity in setting up multiple gateways and recurring billing configuration options are second to none if you want the go by clicks not code mantra.

Swapnil M, July, 2020

We use Chargent to manage all of our sustaining memberships and for sending out payment requests. Makes it so much easier for people to pay their invoices. It is also such an easy tool to get set up and running!

Bonnie S, April, 2020
BEST IN CLASS!! Chargent was a game changer for us. It has allowed a payment automation process for our sales team that we could not live without. The team is quick to respond and eager to help. I could not ask for a better partner.
John D., May, 2022

We signed up for the add-on package for the Automated Payments and the same day we signed up we had Nick schedule a meeting with us to get started. He was not only helpful for the initial set up, but he would send helpful training videos for the rest of the team. Usually when you sign up for something new it takes a long time to train everyone and get it set up. I am happy to say that was not the case for us.

Tonya B, November 2022
We have been using devs to handle our connections between FormAssembly, Chargent and Salesforce. I was asked to change our payment methods and was having issues with it being charged to the wrong gateway. Nick and I had a web meeting in which he was able to point out the issue of a different process builder that was changing gateways from the one I thought was. Even though this issue was on our Salesforce end, he was more than willing to help and explain things to me.
Tim P, November 2022
Chargent is incredible! It makes getting payment so much easier when you can send a link, and the client can click on it and process payment on their own time.
Camille T, January 2023

We are successfully tokenizing credit cards, sending payment links, and processing credit cards for multiple payment gateways and companies. Setup was easy and tech support was very responsive when needed. Chargent was exactly what our company needed to capture payments via Salesforce. Thanks to the flexibility and security features of Chargent, we have been able to reduce our credit card processing fees by close to 2%.

James C, September, 2020

We have received overwhelming support from Robert Ruelas on the Chargent/Accounting Seed integration. Robert stayed with us on our problem until resolved. We don’t find this level of support frequently and would recommend the Chargent App for any organization that handles credit cards when you are using Salesforce and/or Accounting Seed.

Mike M, February, 2020

I am the Salesforce Admin for our company. We have a very delicate environment and way too much customization. Our business required a solution that is not out of the box Chargent. The support and quick response I have received is above and beyond what is expected.

Kent B, August, 2021
The Support Team at Chargent was very helpful and diligent in supporting our needs and transition to Chargent. Responses were on time and punctual on a case by case basis and the support team is a pleasure to work with!
John D., March, 2022

Chargent is a great payment processing solution! We’ve been using the app for a little over a year now and our end users love the simple ability to send payment links to clients. As an admin, it’s easy for me to add gateways when we open new locations.

Brea G, August, 2021

Excellent for all types of payments. We’ve been running recurring and one time billing through Chargent for at least the last five years. They have frequent updates to keep us compliant and there are virtually never any issues with payments. Even better is their support team.

Nick F, October, 2020

When our incompetent SF implementation partner dropped the ball, Chargent support was able to login to our account, identify the issue, and have it resolved in less than 24 hours so we had virtually no downtime in processing payments. Excellent job!

Jon A, November, 2021

Chargent has helped streamline our recurring payments. Before we could only automate monthly payments. Now we can automate, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly. We can also automate outreach for declined payments.

Sarah R, September 2022

Chargent’s application has provided us the ability to automate a payment process which normally took a person 15 minutes to process, down to less than a minute with the Chargent integration. Handling payments in the past will no longer haunt us since we are now PCI compliant, we know we can rest our client’s minds by letting them know their data is secure.

Nick S, March, 2020

We are using Chargent for handling payment processing. On one click of “Send Pay Request” we can send an email and customer can pay easily just with a link. Customer support team is quick in response and ready to help. I like how Chargent stay ahead and helps update Chargent app according to Salesforce new releases.

Deepika N, June, 2020

With Robert’s help my client was able to convert sales to cash and utilize partial payment and recurring payment settings. With Chargent and DBSync integrations, my client is able to integrate QuickBooks Enterprise to record invoices, payments and estimates for progress billing. I highly recommend this integration.

Salesforce Consultant, June, 2019
We needed to streamline our Auth.Net connection for our members credit card transactions so that they are viewable and management in SF. Chargent was the perfect application for this to occur. It is very user friendly and is a native SF application, which is also a huge plus. Highly recommend this application!
Kevin K., August, 2022

Chargent works really well and can be configured lots of different ways to fit your business needs. I’ve implemented the product on a few different projects with a variety of requirements and the package is very smooth. The Chargent Support team is also one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

William S, December, 2021

Chargent is very useful, and is able to make complicated integrations much more straightforward. In just a few minutes, the setup wizard is able to connect you to a variety of different gateways to test or process live transactions. There’s also good documentation to walk you through the specifics of integrating with a particular gateway. The few complications I’ve run into have been handled by a capable and friendly support team.

James M, July 2022

I am very pleased with the support I receive for Chargent. I have implemented it for several clients and I always have questions regarding each use case. The support team is very knowledgeable and helpful!

Salesforce Consultant, March, 2019

I’m a consultant in the Entertainment space and my clients are always looking for a quick/easy way to leverage their existing payment processing provider within Salesforce. I recommend Chargent every single time. The solution is flexible and allows for a great deal of customization.

Charles O, May, 2021
Great integrated solution for capturing payments — and great support! This solution has made it so much easier for our org to track payments and make sure they are tethered to the original deal, and it makes the capturing of payments so quick and seamless for our customers. Also, the support is great! Quick response times and relentless problem solving on the part of the support team!
Katie K., April, 2022

We needed to streamline our Auth.Net connection for our members credit card transactions so that they are viewable and management in SF. Chargent was the perfect application for this to occur. It is very user friendly and is a native SF application, which is also a huge plus.

Kevin K, August 2022
As someone who has a technical background but is relatively new to working in Salesforce, I have been very impressed with the Chargent product for Salesforce. I was first impressed by the very comprehensive guides and online documentation available. Subsequently, in working to update and upgrade our Chargent implementation, our organization has worked with three different support reps over the past year and each one has been super friendly, very helpful, and very technically proficient. A great example of how to do technical support the right way!
David M., January, 2022