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Chargent Documentation

Installation & Setup:


The following items are required to use Chargent Payment Processing:

  1. Salesforce Enterprise or Performance / Unlimited Edition

    • Please note that Chargent uses Workflow Rules and Scheduled Apex jobs and therefore will currently work with the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Salesforce. Person accounts will also work with Chargent but will require some modifications to your Salesforce Org to use some features.

  2. Chargent Installation Packages installed from the AppFrontier website

  3. A Payment Gateway account with one of our integration partners

To take advantage of Chargent's functionality, you will be able to populate billing and payment details from any object in Salesforce including Chargent’s custom object Chargent Orders.

How to Set Up Chargent Fast


You can install Chargent for the first time, or upgrade a current Chargent installation, through the links on our Installation page. We recommend always installing from this page, as it will have the latest software recommended for your Salesforce org.

Workflow Rule Limitations

Chargent includes 10 workflow rules to automatically update totals and other field values after transactions occur. There are also Workflows to automate email receipts.

As there is a limit of 50 active rules per Salesforce org, if you exceed that limit you may need to deactivate some rules in order to install Chargent. You may also contact Salesforce to request they raise your maximum workflow rules to 300, though the use of the Process Builder is recommended instead.


License Assignment

The first thing you should do after installation in a production Salesforce org is assign your Chargent licenses to your users. Our Sites Edition installation includes 20 users but you can purchase additional licenses as needed. Users who do not have a Chargent license assigned will not have access to Chargent objects, fields, tabs or related data.

  1. Click on gear icon gear icon and select Setup

  2. Under Apps select Installed Packages

  3. Beside Chargent Orders, click Manage Licenses.

  4. Assign a license to all users who need to access Chargent

If you are installing Chargent in a Sandbox, licenses are not assignable to users and Chargent can be tested without license assignment.

Chargent Settings Tab

chargent settings tab

The Chargent Settings tab contains links to help documentation, access to Chargent Custom Settings, and more. There are 7 sub-tabs available in the Chargent Settings tab:

  1. Chargent Help

  2. Chargent Feature Activation

  3. Advanced Settings

  4. Troubleshooting Tools

  5. CyberSource Custom Mapping

  6. PCI Compliance tools

  7. Chargent Setup Wizard

Chargent Help

This page contains links to Chargent installation and documentation pages on the site.

Chargent Feature Activation

On this page, you can request access to premium features of Chargent, as well as enter any license keys provided to you by the AppFrontier team. Some premium features come with Platform Edition only.

Advanced Settings

Most of the settings on this tab relate to the Payment Request and Account Updater premium features of Chargent. However, the following fields will be of interest to all Chargent customers:

  • Chargent Admin Email Address - Enter the system administrator's email address. If there are unresolved errors with any transactions, this email address will receive a notification.

Troubleshooting Tools

This tab contains several automated testing tools, which can help Chargent support or your administrator diagnose any Salesforce validation rule conflicts or other issues. You can test the insertion of transaction records, or master records, as well as IP addresses.

Cybersource Custom Mapping

Chargent's CyberSource Custom Mapping feature allows to you send values from almost any fields on the Chargent Order object to the CyberSource gateway using CyberSource’s Merchant Defined Data fields.

The feature is purely optional and not required for processing CyberSource payments. It is designed to send up to 20 fields in a request. Any field on the Chargent Order can be selected - both fields from the Chargent package or any custom field.

PCI Compliance Tools

The PCI Compliance Tool will check your current instance of Chargent to determine if you are on the most PCI Compliant version of our app. If you are on a version of Chargent prior to 5.20, you should upgrade your Chargent package using these PCI Compliance tools.

Chargent Setup Wizard

Chargent integrates directly with over 30 payment gateways and allows the use of the emulator to integrate many additional gateways. We have made it easy for you to setup your gateway using our Chargent Setup Wizard. The Wizard tool guides you through the setup step by step, and validates your credentials during the process. Here are a few things that you will need to know.

  • Login credentials for your payment gateway.
  • Will you be using Tokenization (Recommended)
  • What currency will you be accepting
  • What types of credit cards will you be accepting
  • Will you be accepting both credit cards and ACH (electronic checks / direct debit)