Developer Documentation Chargent API

Chargent Developer API

Chargent has an extensive, PCI compliant API for web site integrations. These web services are available as an extension to the standard SOAP API that Salesforce offers, so they can be called in the same way that you interact with other parts of the Salesforce API.

You can also call Chargent methods directly from inside Salesforce, without a user initiating them in the normal manner, such as from a customized Visualforce interface.

The Chargent web services API requires a Chargent Platform edition license. Please contact us for complete documentation and details.

Chargent API Overview

Chargent's API allows you to programmatically call the following actions:

  • Charge
  • Charge Authorized
  • Authorize
  • Refund
  • Void
  • Register Token
  • Generate Payment Request
  • Parse payment result message and status

For documentation with examples of how to use the Chargent API, please contact us.

Chargent Payment Request

In addition to the API, Chargent's Payment Request feature is a developer toolset that allows you to generate requests for payment to send to your customers, embedding unique links in Email templates or other documents, and customize your own site with an integrated, hosted credit card form.