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Gaining Increased Visibility into Client Payments

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Chris Cate

Chris Cate

Chief Operating Officer & CIO

Valpak’s Existing Situation

Valpak was working from paper records, logging into their payment gateway account directly to capture payment methods and charge clients on schedule. This presented a number of challenges including:

  • No visibility in Salesforce CRM
  • Manual Tracking of when to charge clients
  • Paper-based billing and contracts
  • Striving for PCI compliance

Company Goals

  • Increased visibility into client payments
  • Automation on when to charge clients
  • Expand payment gateway options
  • Integration with Salesforce CPQ / Billing contracts
  • Allowing clients to securely provide payment information directly
  • Being PCI Compliant


Valpak chose Chargent Payments for Salesforce, based on the application having more Payment Gateway options than Salesforce Billing, and increased functionality for automation and scheduled payments. After adopting Chargent, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Moved from paper-based to electronic consent for clients
  • Self-service payments enabled for clients
  • Increased internal visibility into payments
  • PCI Compliance

“The amount of support we received as we implemented Chargent was a direct correlation to our success. There is a high level of automation available, and we had the flexibility of being able to use some features out of the box and to customize others for our needs.”

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